1. Bryan Allman

    Pesky Pheasant !!

    Trundling through the road works on the M25 at Godstone at 5:00am on Friday morning at 50mph - flipping pheasant appears from under the axle of a tanker in front of me - freezes in the middle of the road and bang !! Offside fog light pushed back into the cavity behind the grill...
  2. D

    Pesky Saharan dust are back again!

    We have a cooler breezy from the North East in the whole of last week, starting from yesterday, we have a change of wind direction, this time it coming from the south. Did you guys noticed that fine layer of yellow dusts started to appear after the rain stopped this morning. At 5pm this...
  3. W

    Pesky Pollen

    How many of you with black or navy cars polish the living daylights out of the car only to find it a sort of orangey colour within a few hours? It's pollen and it drives me mad :mad: Still I took my California Car Duster out of hibernation again yesterday and gave the car a quick going over...
  4. Flyer

    Those pesky scammers ... :-)

    I get loads of these and normally just delete them before even reading them ... but this one has a certain charm :D my mother and father has devoured before my father die :D :rolleyes:
  5. D

    Help with pesky Wheel Clamps

    For all those of you living on the edge and parking where you shouldn't Don't despair, angle grinder man is here :D ... NB This is a REAL service and has featured in the news Rgds Les
  6. Sp!ke

    Pesky rodents (Right click - save as)
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