1. Benzmanc

    Peter Sallis RIP

    Goodbye Clegg and Wallace RIP Peter Sallis: Last of the Summer Wine actor dies aged 96 - BBC News
  2. toolman1954

    Rip peter sarstedt age 75

    Singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt dies aged 75 - BBC News Only last week there was a music program on BBC4 and he played "Where do you go to my lovely " and at the time I thought how old is he now.? A visit to his website showed he was suffering from some debilitating illness and could no...
  3. R

    RIP Peter Vaughan

    Porridge and Game Of Thrones actor Peter Vaughan dies aged 93 | Daily Mail Online
  4. developer

    Peter DLM

    Hello Pete, trying to reach you - perhaps your mailbox is full?
  5. Gollom

    Peter Russek W163 workshop manual

    Are these any good? More interested in basic user maintenance, trim, electronics, panels etc. than "oily bits" (prefer to leave them to my MB mechanic!)
  6. Cousy

    Peter Solberg Prank in the new AMG Estate

    Petter Solberg pranking Mercedes mechanics disguised as an Old man.....
  7. P

    Peter jj

    C43amg clonking sound when slow full lock turning any ideas ?? Hi all, can anyone help me diagnose these symptoms that I have developed on my w202 c43 amg. When engine is cold and started then steering turned perhaps full or nearly full lock and driving slowly I get a juddering noise from the...
  8. ringway

    Sir Peter O'Sullevan: 'Voice of Racing' dies aged 97.

    A sad day. His commentaries were a work of art. wwV4O5Z9hKI RIP Peter.
  9. DrFeelgood

    Peter Powell Stunt Kites

    Anybody remember these? I was in Cheltenham today and there is a shop selling kites, I had a look and met the original Peter Powell. What a blast from the past - really nice old boy too. Had a laugh explaining how me and my mate used to terrorise any dog walkers with our PP stunt kites...
  10. markjay

    Peter O'Toole RIP

    Today, aged 81.
  11. 300CE

    Peter Best does it again!

    Just got a great renewal quote of £156.00 fully comp for the Merc this year - i increased my excess to £300.00 to bring the amount down a bit as it would have been £176.00 with a £250.00 excess. :bannana: I found out that i have one more year left before losing my NCB (it's on a classic policy...
  12. R

    RIP Peter Falk...

    ...Columbo has died: Peter Falk - Telegraph
  13. M

    Peter Yates RIP

    Peter Yates, who directed Robbery, Bullitt and The Dresser, died yesterday. BBC News - Bullitt director Peter Yates dies at 81
  14. Bellow

    RIP Peter Warr

    Disappointed to read in The Independent today of the passing of Peter Warr. No one familiar with the halcyon days of Team Lotus in Formula 1 will need be reminded of his contribution to both Lotus and the sport. The photo here (with Warr on the right) is as fitting a tribute as I can think...
  15. R

    Peter Harvey Not guilty.

    Common sense won the day.
  16. Simon_M

    Peter Kay Tickets - London O2 Sat 6th Nov 2010

    Set of four tickets (sat together) for Peter Kay's show at the London O2 on Saturday 6th November 2010. Seats are in section BK, row S. £250 ono
  17. stats007

    Peter Wheeler RIP

    Another motoring legend passes on :(. Story here.
  18. tpwuk

    CLK55 for Peter U seen this one? Could be a bargain!
  19. N

    Peter Schiff knew it all along...

  20. S

    Searching for Peter Gleeson, 190SL owner

    Hi, I've recently bought a 190SL previously owned in the 90's by Peter Gleeson (and more recently Chris Evans) - UK reg 1057MX. The car was a bronze colour which Peter had converted to red with a white interior in the early 90's. Peter did a lot of work restoring the car and I'd like to make...
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