1. TheFoX

    For dog lovers, another petition.

    Another petition. This time it is about a Police dog and his handler. Dave is retiring after a lifetime of service, and he wants to keep the Police dog that he has looked after for a number of years, even offering to buy it or fund the training of another Police dog, yet West Mercia Police...
  2. TheFoX

    Another petition...

    I only ever sign petitions for campaigns that I feel merit a petition, and today I was sent a petition that I feel merits a mention. Essentially, Amber repeatedly asked her doctor to refer her for cancer screening, yet was denied because she was considered too young. Eventually, she funded her...
  3. SL300-24

    New abolish Road Tax Petition
  4. Gledsyc63

    Removal of front registration plates petition

    There's a government petition up to remove the front registration plates on uk car. Please sign if you agree. I personally think mercs look miles better without due to have that big plastic registration holder fastened to the bumper.
  5. J

    Reinstate The 25 Year Rolling Road Tax Exemption Petition

    Hey guys, make sure you sign this!
  6. M

    Vat Petition

    My mate started this petition (he has a fuel guzzler SL55). Sign it then we will all get cheaper petrol :)
  7. Bellow

    Petition - Compulsory retesting of elderly drivers.

    It has been discussed on this forum quite extensively recently and now there is a petition calling for it...
  8. MoAMG

    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    I’ve created a petition to proportionally increase speed limits on UK roads – please sign and share! Click this link to sign the petition: My petition: Increase road speed limits in line with advances in...
  9. Bellow

    Dr E. Kerr - petition to overturn her conviction.

    Can I ask please that you all have a look at this>> and sign the petition if you believe in it. Thanks.
  10. acej

    Motor sport/track day goverment petition.

    Please take a look at the petition below if your into your track days or Motorsport and add your signature.
  11. Nicensleazy

    Petition Against Planned Closure Of All DVLA Local Offices

    I had to visit my local DVLA office last week and noticed a poster there regarding plans by the government to close all 39 local DVLA offices. I have used this office a couple of times in the past year and always found them helpful and efficient, as opposed to the service provided by DVLA...
  12. Satch

    Cashless Scrap Metal Trade Petition

    One of the few ePetitions worth a damn and whilst it might not stop it wholly, certainly going to put a crimp in the pernicious trade. "Due to a significant rise in value, metal has become a much sought after commodity. This increased demand has resulted in a sharp rise in metal theft...
  13. Godot

    Fancy a little Petition signing re Fuel Prices ?

    CHEAPER PETROL AND DIESEL, BY ROBERT HALFON MP AND FAIRFUEL UK - e-petitions 89,000 odd so far :thumb:
  14. flat6buster

    petition to sign

    some of you might be interested in this...... petition
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Fuel Duty Petition on No. 10 Website‏

    Normally I wouldnt really bother with these, but with Petrol around £1.16 in my area enough is enough. HERE
  16. Howard

    Could you sign the petition please ?

    Not a stupid one this time , but quite an important one IMO. Much appreciated. RADIOS BILL MAY SCUPPER RNLI Lifeboat crews fear being scuppered by crippling new charges for using their radios from Ofcom, the communications regulator. The RNLI could see the price of using its VHF...
  17. G

    Petition to the FIA - for what it's worth

    The final straw for quite a few people !
  18. Godot

    'Clarkson for PM' petition response from No. 10
  19. Spinal

    Professional Status for Engineers Petition

    The petition to recognise Engineers are professional/skilled workers has now closed, ( ) Some petitions are responded to even before they close - this one seems to have been left unanswered so far. Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that either it...
  20. timskemp

    Petition: 6 pts for fail to identify driver

    FWIW I started one
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