1. SoldierJohn

    WANTED : W124 Petrol, Auto.

    Hi Folks, New to the forum, owned 2 Mercs in the past and at 52 I want to get back into one. W124 would be nice, petrol and a bit of poke. Any advice and pointers greatly appreciated. Willing to travel for the right car. Many thanks John Motherwell
  2. E

    : 2008 E350 CGI Sport V6 Petrol Estate Avantgarde

    The registration is: FX 08 TKO (so you can check the MoT history). It is a 2008 model (delivered 08 May 2008), in Indium Grey metallic with semi-aniline black/anthracite leather interior and black bird’s eye maple woodwork. I am the third owner, from Dec 2016; the previous owner bought it in...

    Is this the beginning of the end of the petrol engine.

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Volvo to phase out traditional engines - Volvo to phase out traditional engines - BBC News
  4. I

    What coolant for W205 petrol?

    I had a warning come up asking me to top up coolant and a few days later the air conditioning has stopped working. I assume this is a sort of automatic switch off as protection? What type of coolant should I use please?
  5. D

    Diesel or Petrol

    Hi guys, For the first time I'm looking to buy a Merc, specifically I am looking for a 2011-2012 E class Estate (W212). Question is do I go for petrol or diesel (previously I've only owned petrol cars). I've read articles about the topic and so far I know that if you're doing at least 12000...
  6. M

    2006(56) mercedes c180k kompressor se coupe 1.8 petrol automatic hatch silver

    Full Details Mercedes C180 Kompressor SE Coupe Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 4th December 2006 – 56 Reg • Four Owners From New – Last Owner Since 2012 • 49,642 miles only with Full...
  7. F

    Surprise mpg for petrol E320

    Just got back from my hols. in Czech Republic, where I did about 2k. On the autobahn, I cruised at 90/100 mph where possible & the computer showed around 32 mpg, which was good. I found the most economical cruising speed was 80/85 mph where it showed 34mpg. Cruising around 70 only showed 30mpg...
  8. M

    Petrol saloon/coupe E-Class under £3000

    I have a new role which means visiting customers.( self employed ) and I would like a stylish car that isn't too brash but nice looking- hence the E-Class I like the shape of the 05/06 E-Class Kompressor I will only do about 6k miles a year so want a petrol saloon/coupe and not worried...
  9. B

    Is C205 200 petrol underpowered?

    Hello, I got a C Coupe 200 4matic on order, to be built in july and delivered in august, so I can still make some changes to the order. My main concern is that the 200 petrol engine is underpowered... now I have a Mini Cooper S F56 (2015 model) 192 bhp. Can anybody tell if I will feel a...
  10. gr1nch

    Your best petrol station?

    Not something I would normally think about but I've just filled up at what was the most welcoming and wonderful petrol station of my life . Shockingly cheap fuel after €1.35-1.55 in the large valley towns. Heading from Bormio to Bolzano. Eni at Trepalle * diesel at €0.855/litre - that's 74p ! *...
  11. c180081c

    C250 coupe petrol - loss of power during acceleration

    Hi guys, Out in the car today and had to accelerate quickly out of a junction, the car progressed fine then lost all power it would rev however no power produced and struggled to reach 50mph. Pulled over and restarted the car and all is fine, no engine light appeared, has anyone...
  12. merc85

    w168 Petrol, Manual and Fsh for the wife

    As above, Just thought it may be worth asking, After a w168 must have fsh and in good clean condition. Manual only and one thats not Silver also 5dr model. Budget upto £1,200 for the right car.
  13. dan-mb

    Correct running temperature 209 CLK 240 V6 Petrol

    So today I had a nice 6 hour 300 mile round trip to north Wales to take the dog to the beach (I was bored). Motorway speeds and occasional spirited driving ;) the engine temp never went above 80-84 I have recently had a new oil cooler fitted in the rad. I can't remember what it used to run at on...
  14. H

    C200 Petrol Estate wanted !

    Hi, I am trying to help a neighbour find something close to: 2015 ish C200 Estate - Petrol Ideally with a Premium Plus pack. Tenorite Grey or Black in colour. Any leads gratefully received. I have tried all the usual places! Thanks Harvey
  15. K

    R230 sl55 amg help to id a component on petrol tank

    Hello all Can anyone who know for sure (not guessing) what the round component next to the fuel sending unit is. I been to my local mercedes parts, and he could not see that second component on any of his diagrams, nor find the part via part number stamped on it (i think it reads...
  16. ACID

    Eibach Lowering Springs Mercedes CLS 320d & 350 Petrol

    A set of very good used Eibach lowering springs, part no: E10-25-008-08-22 Will fit Mercedes CLS 320d & 350 petrol. Fitting is available, please inquire about cost:
  17. c180081c

    Brabus Xtra Power for Petrol engines

    Has anybody had any experience with the brabus tuning box for the petrol engines? Seen these retailing for £1400 are they worth a punt if one appears on eBay? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I

    What oil is best for C200 Petrol w205?

    Which oil is recommended for a W205 C200 SE petrol model please?
  19. Shmeefly

    W211 E320 V6 Petrol Plumes Of White Smoke Help

    Hi Guys Fired my merc up the other day and drove it down the road to find it was bellowing out loads of white smoke ??? I have had problems with loosing oil after a bodge job with removing the sump and wrong gasket compound used and two loose bolts at front of sump, I also had a huge rock...
  20. M

    Petrol vs diesel residuals

    Question for any dealers or those in the trade.... with all the talk about those nasty diesel cars in the papers, has anyone noticed a rise in demand for petrol cars yet or has the media scaremongering fallen on deaf ears given diesels torque and economy. Not thinking of changing the motor...
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