1. C240Sport97

    Rolls Royce Great VIII Phantom Exhibition

    Free entry:: Bonhams, New Bond Street, London. New Phantom on display plus 7 other previous Phantoms. Beautifully done, and some lovely cars. Had a very pleasant time there yesterday. Closes 5pm Wednesday 2 August 2017...
  2. french

    Airmatics phantom?

    Over the past 2 weeks my E55 has been showing me "Airmatics visit workshop"? I had no previous warnings & the car had run perfect when last used , which was about 2 weeks before that. I put a diag on it & it said Front left damper unit on Y2 had two wires touching? Ok so I had a look at wires...
  3. Conquistador

    Neglected RR Phantom... Cheapest ever??

  4. Godot

    The new Rolls Royce Phantom Rally Spec!

  5. The _Don

    Video: Rolls-royce in a field. Erm... What?

    Video: Rolls-Royce in a field. Erm... what? - PistonHeads :D
  6. E

    Mercedes 124 to rr phantom

    Not bad i must say... Watch Mercedes W124 tuning in Rolls Royce Phantom Video |
  7. B

    W202 phantom wiper issue

    Hi, I have a 1997 c180 and have found that the intermittent wiper setting randomly turns on when indicating. Is this an issue with the combination switch on the indicator stalk that can be easily resolved or something more depressing? In order to correct this issue i found that either...
  8. U

    Rolls Royce Phantom based on a Bentley LWB Turbo R

    was reading and thought wow, this looks a good job but... would you really bother to spend all that time and money..? Rolls Royce Phantom based on a Bentley LWB Turbo R - eBay (item 190431117648 end time Aug-22-10 12:00:06 PDT)
  9. The Boss

    Coachbuilt MAYBACH COUPE limited edition takes a pot-shot at the Phantom Coupe

    Seekers of splendid ostentation will soon have another option to that Phantom Coupe they've been considering, in the shape of this coachbuilt Maybach 57S with two doors and a rakish new profile. The renderings shown here have been produced by German firm Xenatech, who are pledging to build...
  10. Noodle-Pulp

    Phantom DVD / CD Drive...

    I wonder if anyone of you experienced this. My CD ROM drive keeps opening and closing of it's own volition - any clues please? This has only been happening for the past couple of weeks - it hasn't got worse but it's starting to scare the cats! I've just started a Malwarebytes scan...just in...
  11. ackee911

    Phantom rip-off Only room for one, eh? Who'd want a car like this? Rumours are about that Sir Fred has ordered one:rolleyes:
  12. robert.saunders

    Sir Alan's Phantom - yours for £179,000

    It is only a 2005 model, and sadly the plate isn't included it seems
  13. Gollom

    Phantom of The Opera (London) - 24th May

    Anybody got contacts who can come up with tickets? I know 'touts' always have them but at that price - no thanks! :crazy:
  14. jaymanek

    Maybach or Phantom?!

    Right well i was about to book the Maybach for my wedding when i realised it could only take 3 passengers... not the biggest issue but 4 would be better and so i got looking at the phantom. Now we know the Maybach is butt ugly... but its the king of Mercedes and really due to my business...
  15. DR1VER

    NW/Cheshire GTG Wednesday 25 May 2011 at The Dog

    Hi This follows on from a previous post, just thought i'd make a new one with all details on. The meet will be on the 1st tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at So the first one will be on the 1st of August. Look forward to seeing you there...
  16. V

    Bling'ed up Phantom

    Travelling down the M40 yesterday and I pass a Rolls Royce Phantom that is on the back of a single car transporter presumably being delivered to its new owner. Car was a very light gold metallic which looked questionable to say the least, but the thing that made me laugh out loud were the...
  17. O

    Phantom turbo!?!

    Hi folks, this is my first post as a troubled 1992 230te owner. Searched the past posts but cannot find anything relevant, please help! :) After pulling away, my car decides to accelerate with a mind of it's own. The throttle pedal is not sticking and the car always returns to steady...
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