1. G

    E55 'to do' during new ownership phase

    Hi guys, So I'm still new here and recently bought an E55 AMG W210. The car is great and I've done nearly 400 miles in it already, just wafting around. I'm looking for a little gentle advise with regards to new ownership of these cars, what should be done to prolong life of the mechanical...
  2. The _Don

    Amg set to phase out 5.5-litre v8 Developer John read the last sentance.
  3. S

    Phase two of the 2 year Benz affair.

    2 weeks ago I washed, waxed my car with very impressive Colinte wax. As the weather was nice today I deciced I wanted to go for a long drive in the car. So I did. I left Helensburgh approx 11am. Drove up Loch Lomand, through Glencoe and onto Ft William. This road is legenedary and allowed for...
  4. JohnnyRob

    ML W163 phase 1 towbar kit wanted

    I need a complete towbar kit for a 1999 320ML as my wife insists on towing a horse trailer.....anyone removed theirs, etc?
  5. sym

    W202 COMAND Install - Phase 1

    Well, I've spent the last week or so slowly installing COMAND, and trying to get it to look good. Thanks go to :- Steve MBenzNL for supplying the thing Shude for his HOWTO, and lots of bright ideas Fuzzer for more bright ideas Graham for teasing me about it not fitting properly ;)...
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