1. grober


    Forum members will be gratified to know that super large Asteroid 1998 QE2 missed us by 3.6 million miles at about 10pm last night. It was a "biggie" at 1.7 miles wide and entirely capable of a global extinction event. The impact would be bad enough in the wrong place. Some scenarios here...
  2. B


    Anyone out there help me? i would like to know if anyone has replaced the multifunction light and mirror module in a c class 03 plate? If so how do you take the old one out? many thanks
  3. stevesey

    Ops - Phew

    Just lost the back end... ... bit of a heart stopper, but only got to about 30 degress off line and avoided kerbs and the other side of the road so no harm done. Was picking my 15 y/o daughter up, busy chatting to her as we went around a left hander, not pushing on, but the corner is at the...
  4. grober

    Phew thats a relief.

    Mixed Feelings. I have mixed feelings after reading these 2 articles from What Car. :confused: Mercedes and Chrysler are to share parts! Der Fuhrer Dieter Zetsche has spoken -- MERCEDES is now aiming at the year 2009 to hit the JD...
  5. S

    Phew! - Made it thrugh the 72K rip-off

    I gotta say - my Local dealer has just been a real pleasure to deal with for a change. Was dealt with by a guy called Craig Wilson at Rycroft mercedes on the service desk and it was a real delight to talk to someone who obviously knew about the cars he was dealing with in the service. I ended...
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