1. st13phil

    My Name is Phil, and I’m addicted to…

    …E63’s Almost two years ago I bought a Biturbo E63. I rationalised it by telling myself that it was an itch that had to be scratched. An act of minor insanity that meant I could, at some time in the dim distant future (I hope!), go to my grave saying “remember when?”, rather than “I wish…”...
  2. grober

    Bye Bye Phil

    Death announced of Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers- whose influence on the early sixties Rock scene should not be underestimated. :( They are up there with Presley, Orbison Holly and the rest of greats. RIP. 4X7b2E_Jq-k
  3. C

    Phil Taylor Towbars, Horndean

    Not really a Merc specialist, but as they are on the same industrial estate as Olly (PCS), definately worth knowing about if you need a towbar fitting. Had one fitted today by these guys and cannot recommend them enough. Friendly, helpful and efficient. Started bang on appointment time and...
  4. jonnymerc

    Happy birthday racall (phil)

    Happy birthday phil have a super day mate :thumb:
  5. BlackC55

    Phil Baker Phone me ASAP about your lost wallet

    Hi Phil I have just had a phone call and someone has found your wallet and my business card was in there and they phoned me. I have the lady's phone number and name who is holding your wallet. Give me a call on 07922 023450 :thumb: I am not at work to look up your phone number and this...
  6. N

    Phil Hill 1927-2008.

    Phil Hill, 81; first U.S.-born driver to win Formula One title dies.,0,5179464.story 1961
  7. Kinky

    Happy St. Patricks Day to me and Phil

    ahh ya feckin eejits - happy st. paddys day to all us Irish gobshoites - me and Phil ..... Is that it - just the two of us? (I know a song about that). Kinky O'Kinky
  8. Flip

    Selling my plate - PHIL W!!!

    Selling my plate - PIHL W Open to offers, send me a PM! Cheers!! PHIL:bannana:
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