1. 219

    Mobile phones & driving = a bad idea

    Last night , I had just got my son down to bed when the phone rang . SWMBO was on the other end , and in-between the tears I managed to determine she had just been in a crash . About all she could tell me was that she was outside the BP petrol station in the nearby village . Fearing the worst...
  2. P

    2x phones HTC One SV 4g & LG g2

    1. HTC ONE SV -SIM free includes original purchase receipt from phones 4u for £210 An excellent starter android phone with 8gb memore and 1gb ram. white colour in EXCELLENT condition, I would go as far as giving it 10/10 for conditon, I really cannot see a mark on it. Has been wearing a...
  3. E

    Phones for sale

    Kids/Wife having a clear out :roll eyes: Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 BLUE/BLACK UNLOCKED £150 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 WHITE £30 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160 BLACK £30 Apple iPhone 4 16GB BLACK £85 Plus p&p
  4. C

    No of phones & bluetooth

    Hello, At weekend when got in car tutned on radio and saw it say connected to wifes phone, but not mine. Thought nothing of it. Then I had a call and was on phone and not in using car kit, thought thats weird. So i look and noticed the system can it seems only connect to 1 phone at a time...
  5. Palfrem

    Mobile phones in India

    There are 9 of us going to India soon We were planning on buying a few local mobiles to keep in touch. I'm now told that foreigners can't buy mobiles / SIM cards Is this true?
  6. J

    W169 pairing phones

    HOw do I pair a samsung galaxy mobile to the car stereo, no sign of a cradle input. Do have aux in in the glove. Thanks for your help
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Security Labling for Phones

    At work we are going to be using around 50 smartphones (Samsung S3s) and we need some way of branding them/securing them with our logo. We have a kit already to etch our name on the back, but the rear battery cover could simply be removed if the phones were nicked. also, there isnt really...
  8. prprandall51

    SAP V3 cradle and Samsung phones

    Just to report that I have the MB SAP cradle V3 and a Samsung phone (Galaxy S4). The phone pairs using SAP effortlessly and works flawlessly. I could not get the phonebook to sync at all but I have read elsewhere that there are known issues with Samsung's implementation of the BPAP protocol...
  9. Mr Fixit

    what phones

    Working may way through the various controls and got the the phone, there is no phone in he cradle. The holder looks like a nokia 6310 but not sure, can somebody tell me what phones work with the Command/ltel/voice system? I have a 6300;- is there a crable for this?? And how do you get it...
  10. Jukie

    Mobile 'phones and magnets

    I've recently noticed some articles/comments on the web suggesting that handset covers that have magnet-based fastenings could be damaging to the handset. I've had such a cover for just over a year for my current Galaxy W and have never experienced any issues such as interference, data loss...
  11. E

    2x HTC Wildfire S Mobile phones

    Daughters upgraded there phones recently, Phones are locked to Orange £40 Free P&P!
  12. nick mercedes

    duel sim phones

    Anyone got any views on duel-sim phones such as this one: HK Free ship cheap Star N8000+ (i9220) MTK 6577 3G phone 5.08"Capacitive 1GHZ Dual core Android 4.0 RAM512MB ROM4GB N9770 X710D-in Mobile Phones from Phones & Telecommunications on ?
  13. John

    Robust DECT phones.

    We have a requirement for DECT phones. I buy cheap ones and they last a couple of years. Now this may not be worth doing but does anyone have experience of more robust / durable but reasonably-priced DECT phones (say with a rubber case)? Don't need to be IP rated - purely for the riggers...
  14. Igurisu

    Why do Android phones need a SIM card for navigation?

    When I use my samsung tablet or my wifes HTC phone the SIM needs to be present in order to be able to use navigation. What I don't understand is why TomTom or Garmin (or other sat navs), only need the GPS locator that is also present in my tablet or the wifes phone. Any takers? :)
  15. R

    Compatible Phones

    Hello, Firstly, apologies if this thread exists elsewhere. I had a trawl through the first twenty or so pages but couldn't see anything. I have been tasked by my director to get him a new phone which is compatible with his CLS COMAND system. The main criteria of the new phone is to be able to...
  16. D

    WTD: android phones

    hi i am looking for a android phone let me know what you have
  17. G

    W204 Multiple Bluetooth Phones (Tel/Comand Online)

    Hi There, I have an iPhone 4 and have read up on the issue of not being able to use this for Comand Online - I have a payg sim card which has free internet for 12months so stuck this in an old Sony Ericsson C905 and managed to tether this for use with Comand Online (which I actually find...
  18. markjay

    COMAND NTG2.5 Bluetooth and HTC Phones Query

    Does anyone know which HTC handsets work well with COMAND NTG2.5 Bluetooth? Thanks!
  19. Ratz

    Android phones pairing/connecting with MB Bluetooth

    Up until now I've always used an iPhone, which happily connects to the cars bluetooth (I have one of the last W211's with Audio 20 bluetooth) and shares contacts. A couple of days ago (having decided Apple have had enough of my hard earned) I've bought myself a Motorola Razr running Android...
  20. neilz

    BT Cordless phones - trio

    Three black BT cordless phones (one base set), in used condition (got them second hand but never used them - got given 3 with a colour screen!) They need batteries but AFAIK they're rechargable AAAs £10 ONO
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