1. smoothrider

    who the heck drives 200 miles just to photograph his W126 !?? (as if!))

    sorry the mountains got in the way
  2. Druk

    Nice Photograph

    Good pal of mine does a m/cycle tour every year. The year it was to Norway in June. One of the team took this pic and I just thought it good enough to share. Done in one take he assures me. The symmetry is amazing. .
  3. Giantvanman

    What a great photograph

    I don't know if this has been posted before but it is amazing.
  4. Pontoneer

    A good photograph

    of the item for sale , can really help in an eBay listing . Pity about the one below :doh: Quad 77 Pre Amplifier | eBay
  5. grumpyoldgit

    Interesting photograph.

    An interesting photograph (well to me) relating to my hometown, which I found while looking at old photos online. It's from a reliable source so the info should be correct.
  6. Baron_Samedi

    Best Places to Photograph your MB?

    I was just admiring CrysAk's 190 (in the classifieds at the mo) and looking at his pictures, I realised he could have been up rather early or out after dark to take the shots. Where were your best pics shot? To start, I fancy heading over to Nam's B&!Q car park and taking a picture or two...
  7. A

    Digital Photograph Storage software

    Hello I like most people now with XX megapixal camers have so so many pictures they are filling up my drive. I now have a 1TB external drive, 2 * 320GB USB drives and my laptop drive with pictures (not all full) Is there some software such as iPhoto for the Mac which I can dump all these...
  8. M

    How not to photograph your car for sale

    Is this one of the worst or are there others out there?? Mini Cooper Sport 500 for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 68830)
  9. A

    Possible Baby photograph business on the side??

    Hello Some will know we have a little monster (now 19 months old). My wife has recently been on a few photoshoots with her so we can get some nice pictures of her. Those with kids may have already done the same. Now what amazes me is the price of these prints (just a selection) 1 * 7*5...
  10. W

    Photograph Developing - Any Cheap Suggestions

    Guys I've came across about 7 35mm 36 exp rolls that I'm looking to get developed cheaply. Basically I have no idea what is on them and curiosity is getting the better of me. My preferred option would be these to be developed and put on to a cd rather than paper prints. Anyone used any...
  11. N

    Look carefully at the photograph!!!!!! I love the line 'There are different patterns available for Mercedes wheel locks so please look carefully at the photograph and ensure that the pattern matches that on your locking wheel nuts' :confused: :D...
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