1. clk320x

    Anyone here good with photoshop?

    Hey guys, Is anyone here skilled with photoshop? Would ideally like if someone could photoshop this photo of my car to a few different tint % just to give me an idea of how it would look? Cheers
  2. Piff

    Scabby wheels - photoshop help?

    Noticed today when washing the car that the wheels are getting a bit scabby. Car was bought in Nov/Dec 2015 and I think the wheels had been refurbished before purchase. They are part painted/part diamond cut. It looks like that the tyre fitters levers have damaged the lacquer coat and...
  3. developer

    Photoshop (or similar) Expert Required

    I need this woman removed and the letter C returned to it's original state, in both a white background/black lettering and a black background/white lettering. This is only a rough example, not the actual image I need altering. I'd be grateful if anyone can help please - I'm waiting for a...
  4. astamir

    help with Photoshop please

    Hi guys Can anyone who is good with Photoshop help me please as I'm really bad with pc I'm thinking about this body kit and whanted to know how it would look in black series yellow color Can someone who is good with Photoshop change the color from white to yellow please? Thanks
  5. Makdissy

    Is this spoiler for real or is it Photoshop??!!

    If it real, will it fit any w124??
  6. R

    Photoshop help please.

    His guys, Can someone help me with photoshop (I'm useless at this) I'm looking at wrapping the middle section of the chrome front lip either white or black and leave the side chrome lips as it is. Thanks in advance :)
  7. merc85

    s211 need help Photoshop?

    Hi peeps, need some help or suggestions im in two minds to either change my wheels for some like the one below, Or Have my Rucha's 17" wheels refurbed but id like them in anthracite. Can anyone on here photoshop the wheel pictured onto the image of my car also pictured please. Please dont...
  8. GregDaisley

    Photoshop request

    Hi all, I'm looking into having my current alloys powder coated from the current gloss black with diamond cut faces to solid gloss black, no diamond cut finish. I'm here hoping for a photoshop wizard to create a quick rendering to see how it will look prior to getting it done...
  9. 230K

    Photoshop help

    Hi Can anyone help with photoshop. I missed it...... 230K
  10. W

    Photoshop Chris Harris

    some rather funny ones :) Photoshop Chris Harris - PistonHeads
  11. Spinal

    Photoshop for Free

    Before this thread gets pulled - it's an old version that Adobe are giving away for free... Ok so it's not the bang up to date version, but CS2 will do nicely for most people. Free from Adobe, with key code, etc: Adobe - CS2 Downloads
  12. jaymanek

    Photoshop Help Please

    Can someone please colour code the centre's of the wheels?
  13. trapperjohn

    Photoshop help please.

    Can anyone change Pennywell to Chorley please.
  14. jaymanek

    Anyone good with Photoshop?

    Can someone do me a favour as im totally useless with these things.. I need a photo that I can place on my car adverts that says "This Car is New Into Stock, Photos Coming Soon" My photo size is usually 960 x 720. Maybe with a cool background or something... See my website Home -...
  15. Bobby Dazzler

    BBS LM alloys on W164 - photos or photoshop?

    Google yielded a nil result, so... ...Anyone seen a W164 with BBS LM alloys, ideally an ML63' and have a photo? Or failing that, anyone handy at photoshoppery? The side-on photo below may be useful...
  16. D

    Photoshop Help Needed Please.

    I know that there's some very intelligent folk on here that can 'photoshop' things together and I would like to ask these very fine gentlemen to put the pictured wheels on to this van. And if you could show the wheels in black as well as the original silver, it would be greatly appreciated. In...
  17. Sp!ke

    Photoshop Troll

    The Bait Photoshop Request - The FREE Photoshop Service. The Catch Photoshop Troll I've just spent the last half hour in stitches....sitting in my Dilbert cube at work trying unsuccessfully to hide my giggles. :D
  18. 300CE

    Any Photoshop Wizards about?!?!

    If it's at all possible, could one of you super chaps could take a sample from the khaki green bike and put it on the black bike?! Many Thanks in advance, Justin!
  19. Red C220

    Can someone photoshop my grille please?

    I'm not photoshop literate - or anything close to it. Each time I look at the front of my car I just feel Mercedes could have done a better job of the grille colour than the one colour fits all. Obviously as most C class sports are varying shades of silver/grey then it works quite nicely. But...
  20. D

    Can anyone alter my car with adobe photoshop?

    I'm thinking of lowering my w204 and powder coating the alloys wheels and was wondering if i stuck a picture up, could any of you guys edit it for me by dropping it around 30mm and changing the colour of the wheels so i can see what it'll look like? Thanks
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