1. Sport Edition

    H7 White/Blue Any thoughts?

    Does anyone have any experience of using 'premium bulb's' such as PIAA I've often wondered if there is really any need to upgrade? I live in an area with many narrow unlit roads, and would be happy to deal with the inflated bulb cost if the product "does what it says on the tin", improve my...
  2. C

    PIAA Platinum White or Extreme White???

    I want my sidelights to match my Xenons, but some people have said the Platinum white are not much difference and that the Extreme White are blue. What would you say is best ? Thanks Guys
  3. C

    PIAA W5W Pictures ?

    Anyone have any pictures of some PIAA W5W sidelight bulbs on. I want my sidelights to match my Xenons, but dont know weather Platinum white or Xtreme white are the ones. Hope you can help. Thanks guys
  4. F

    PIAA Super Led Side Lights

    Just tried a set of these in my W140, and they just dont work! The 'replace bulb' light on the dash stayed off though, so I think the connections were OK. Any ideas?
  5. Brian WH

    Platinum White PIAA Side Lights

    Went to modify my new CLS today with the "Platinum White PIAA Side Lights" from my last E Class. However found that the CLS comes with "Platinum White PIAA Side Lights" as "Standard"???;) Anyone elses new car have these fitted as standard??:confused: Easily recognised they are Blue.
  6. L

    PIAA Xtreme White Plus E-Mark-H7

    Ordered three weeks ago from APP http://www.a-pp.com/shop/piaa_xtreme.htm 2 pairs new PIAA Xtreme White Plus E-Mark-H7: 50 pounds each With 115 pounds in total, you can get a bundle of the above 2 pairs new PIAA Xtreme White Plus E-Mark-H7 +2 pairs of brand-new Philips Blue vision W5W...
  7. 230K

    What is PIAA

    Hi all Excuse the ignorance but what is PIAA? I know it is some sort of bulb, but what? 230K
  8. F

    PIAA bulbs in W140

    Hi chaps, Looking for some advice again! I'm interested in getting some brighter lights on my W140, and after reading through some threads on here I've look looking at the PIAA website. First of all I'm not sure what to order - I think I'd need pair of bulbs for the main beam, and a pair...
  9. sym

    PIAA Bulbs - oops !

    Had my car MOT'd this morning, which it passed with flying colours. Got a little bit worried for a minute when the tester came out and asked whether "somebody" had fitted new headlight bulbs to the car recently !! Aaaaaghhh - I thought - he's going to fail it on the PIAAs (:eek: :eek: ) . . ...
  10. jimmy

    PIAA Bulb Group Buy

    Hiya, I will be placing an order with PIAA in the next few days. In order to get some good prices I have to order alot of bulbs! I am hopeing you lot can help me out and help bump up the order. Have a look at the PIAA Website for details, I will be ordering stock of Platinum White and...
  11. C

    Brand New PIAA Bulbs

    For Sale, one pair of brand new PIAA Extreme White bulbs, H7 55W. These still draw 55W but give the equivalent output of 110W each. Very white light, with a very very slight blue tinge to the light unit when in operation (not as blue as the cheap ones from Halfords and Ring). Amazing...
  12. sym

    PIAA Platinum White Side-Lights on W202

    OK - Pictures as promised . . . taken in a variety in different lights ... (remember - these are just with the side-lights on - no dipped beam !) 2 x New PIAA lights fitted at dusk 1 x PIAA, 1 x Original - spot the difference 1 x PIAA, 1 x Original - a bit darker 2 x...
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