1. JimGreen

    Great Pic.........

    C63 In the Water........... Went to a car show in Hull a few evenings ago and was asked to support the event by putting my C63 on show, as usual I never thought to take any pics, but it seems someone did and got a really good reflection shot. Just found it on Facebook.
  2. merc85

    Brutus w211 e55k Warning Pic Heavy

    Took some upto date pics of Brutus, Finished with Zymol Carbon Wax
  3. Max Shine

    19" Alloys Pic request

    I'm looking at replacing my OEM 18" AMG Sport alloys for the 19" OEM AMG 7 Twin Spoke Wheels on my 2012 E220 Estate. I understand the correct size for these are: Front Wheels: 8.5Jx19 ET44 Rear Wheels: 9.5Jx19 ET48 I see alot of 19" alloys but with different offsets, should I stick to...
  4. V

    No AC: Possible Faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor? (pic - fault codes)

    Hi guys, AC not worked for while in my Vito W639 120cdi, suddenly stopped blowing cold & compressor does not turn on, checked fault codes, not sure what 2nd code means but 1st says faulty Refrigerant Pressure Sensor. Shall I replace the sensor or could this code have been triggered...
  5. D

    Picked up new Coupe (pic heavy)

    Hi guys, After placing my order in September, I picked up my new Coupe yesterday. When they did the reveal in the showroom I was mega impressed with the looks of the car - and as the salesman had told me before hand, its a magnet because people then start to gather round it. This is my third...
  6. V

    W639 limp mode & what sensor is this? (pic)

    Hi guys, got a few issues & not sure if their related, bare with me I'll try explain :thumb: Had my Vito auto 2009 120cdi 3yrs and been great but occasionally has gone into limp mode but after a restart all is usually fine, however today engine management light came on after restart and...
  7. Marvin16x

    Where was this pic taken? (Snowdonia)

    Heya, I just stumbled upon a superb image called "the drive to Snowdonia". Does anyone recognize this road and/or these mountains? I would love to take a picture of that myself (at this very location) when I'm there in about four weeks' time. Looks like the road is leading northwestwards, so...
  8. merc85

    s211 new Bumper pic's and detail

    Managed to take a few pic's of the car with the Amg front bumper fitted after a detail. Now to get it back into the Garage before it rains lol:D
  9. F

    W220 Driver's seat plastic trim wanted,PIC

    Hi, I am looking for the plastic trim as in the pic below, in grey, on the side of the driver's seat on my RHD W220, V-Reg..mine has a piece broken and missing. It is the piece that incorporates the slot for the seatbelt to go through and is located just before the B-Pillar. Thanks, Frank
  10. nickjonesn4

    Gratuitous Sunday morning Car Pic

    Just moved to Edinburgh and visited highly recommended hand car wash on Leith - Bubbles - not cheap but good products used and car looking pretty damn good for 11 years old I reckon. Defintiely keeping it 100% standard looking I've decided despite the 672lb ft of torque now lurking under the...
  11. Djardz

    Can't wait to pic her up

    So a pic up our new car up sat what u all think . I am so excited [emoji7][emoji8] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. D

    I thought i would post a pic of b4 and after new wheels

    new on the site and thought i would post a pic of the car after new wheels added
  13. -Ian

    Quick pic.....

    Photo of my toy with my work toy behind :)
  14. sherco450

    vito 120 faults please see pic

    My be loved vito showing these faults. engine not boosting , booked in for inspection next week. ln the meantime my mechanic has asked me to follow any earth wiring in engine. l have briefly looked around fuse area and chassis earth. Has any one had any similar problems.
  15. M

    Where is the mass air flow sensor / MAF? Pic attached

    I have a C180 Kompressor 2006 I have the check engine light code P0171, system too lean bank. Someone suggested cleaning the MAF sensor and I have the correct cleaning spray to do this, BUT I am unsure where it is and how to disconnect it! Sorry if thats a basic question. I have watched a...
  16. sharps

    My mercedes sl300-24 - slr pic thread

    OK so I bought my SL300-24 in December, after having it looked over by my mechanic I so far have fitted a new distributor cap an arm, replaced the plugs, given it an oil service and off we go.
  17. merc85

    Evening Pic's with the s211

    Popped down to the shops to get some chocolate, also a good excuse to drive the car as its a lovely evening out there. Took some pic's on my phone excuse the quality doh..
  18. M

    Pic of my w204 ghost projector light must see

    Here some pic of my w204 saloon c250cdi amg sports just connected some ghost projector light and led number plate unit let me no what you think.
  19. M

    a quick pic of my 55 amg

    only poorboys products were used
  20. L

    Boot floor pic please - C Class saloon W204

    Please could I trouble someone with a W204 to please post a pic of the spare wheel well/battery area underneath the boot floor please. I want to check if my car is normal! Thanks in advance...
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