1. Howard

    A few piccys from MB World

    Popped down there this morning to have a look around ..... what a stunning place ... Do you know if they change the exhibits from time to time ? Anyway , here we go .... The MB Timeline , various models from day one .... SL63 looking very mean .... Skidpan from the 2nd...
  2. Howard

    Anyone got any specs or piccys of classic Alpine headunits ?

    As it says above, specifically a 7901 and 7906 ..... Looking to put a classic Alpine head unit of the correct era into the whale maybe ... Have seen the above for sale , but just wondered specs, i know they won't play MP3's as they are first gen players , but they look soooooooo cool.....
  3. pluggers

    Clumber Park Piccys

    Haven't long got back from this fabulous GTG today,Thanks pammy for getting it organised :bannana: Wonderful weather it was nice and sunny when I got there and stayed like that all day:bannana: ,Great to see everyone again old and new,Loads of shiny cars to be seen and a great BBQ on site...
  4. simonl

    Chatelherault Classic Car Show piccys

    Hi all, Been lying low for a while. Was at the Chatelherault Classic Car Show nr Glasgow a couple of weeks back. There was an MB stand - MB Owners' Club I think :confused: . Anyway, I got a few piccys, so here they are.....plus one of my own (of course) :D enjoy. si
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