1. C

    Picked up my E63 Estate tonight!

    Well picked up my 2014 e63 estate this afternoon. Unfortunately weather was crap and sat for a few hours in the m25 car park so not really had a chance to open it up, it did give me a chance to have a play with the buttons and bits inside. The thing that most impressed me was the Distronic...
  2. mbsilver

    When you picked up your brand new Mercedes what did you get "free" ?

    Bit of fun but interested in knowing what your dealer did for you on your pick up Mercedes day? Umbrella? Cuddly toy? Mats?
  3. V

    Picked up CLS55!

    Picked it up a day early and have enjoyed it so far! Thrust in the back feeling is so good! One question, i'm getting a message saying my tyre pressure is low but they all seem fine?
  4. P

    Picked up and wrapped my new C63 Coupe

    Hi all, I picked up my car at the weekend so thought I'd share a few details and say hi. Firstly, what an absolute weapon. After 6 months of anticipation, despite how much forum lurking and watching youtube videos nothing really prepares for that feeling of power and noise. It truly feels...
  5. T

    Damages on new C63 picked up from dealer

    Hi I am new to the forum and would really appreciate if someone could please help me with this. I just picked up my C63 on 17 plate. I was really disappointed to find a number of minor damages with the car. There is a stone chip on one of the panels, few scratches on the skirting and...
  6. D

    Picked up new Coupe (pic heavy)

    Hi guys, After placing my order in September, I picked up my new Coupe yesterday. When they did the reveal in the showroom I was mega impressed with the looks of the car - and as the salesman had told me before hand, its a magnet because people then start to gather round it. This is my third...
  7. jon.english68

    picked up my w204 coupe today, have a question

    My new to me 2012 C204 has the Audio 20 stereo fitted, I cant work out how to sync my phone to it so I am wondering whether it has active bluetooth or is it an option that would need programming? can anyone shed any light on this for me please?
  8. Ray1888

    Picked up my first Amg today

    Traded my e class 350 coupe for a cla 45 and I'm delighted Car has done 15000 mls and is loaded with £12000 of extras !!! It's missing the pan roof but living north of the border no great hardship It's an ex Mercedes media car,so got some great pro picks of the car
  9. L

    Picked up my CLS55 AMG today, OMG :o)

    Hello All, For the last 11 years or so since I first saw a CLS I've wanted one, I totally love the lines of the car, it is simply beautiful in my eyes. I've never driven an AMG car before, I'll be honest I'm more of a M division man, I'm lucky enough to have a E46 M3 which I use as a...
  10. O

    Just picked up a Vito sport-x :)

    Just got home with my 2008 vito sport X Im chuffed with it, first merc i have owned, first van i have owned, first auto i have owned Seems a real genuine buy, private sale 1 owner really low milage Looks a good forum so thought i would join for future info :bannana:
  11. hotong86

    Picked up our new CLA 45

    Hi guys. Just thought I'd share my thoughts of our baby amg. I currently own a w212 e63 and I bought the cla for swmbo. First of all our car is a pre reg car. Very low miles and we ended up saving nearly 10k off a brand new car. The cars spec is: Command online Hk audio Pano roof Red calipers...
  12. A

    Picked up c63- quick question..

    Picked up my new c63 coupe from mb birmingham yesterday. Near side front tyre reads inner 2.6mm centre 5.3 and outer 3.8mm. Should this have been replaced before sale or does the inner and outer wear matter less than the centre? Spoke to the dealer who assures me that this is the way the car...
  13. Grovsie31

    Just picked up my C55 AMG

    Hi guys, as title, picked up my C55 AMG this morning. Now my last Petrol car was a Integra Type R DC5, so the engine is a little different to say the least, hahahah. First impressions are fantastic, I love it. Its done 95k miles, silver, 3 owners. 2 brand new tyres on front, and dealer got...
  14. W

    Picked up a c63 from mercades dealer CLOCKED

    Picked up a c63 from mercades dealer CLOCKED milage Hi Guys , just picked up my c63 from a Mercedes main dealer , after paying a deposit on the car they made me wait for 4 weeks in-order to do some minor repairs apparently to the front and rear bumper which was strange as they told me to pay a...
  15. C63PTL

    Picked up my C63

    Hi fellow AMG's I picked up my C63 on Thursday from Mercedes Bath, its a polar white 2013 with 13000 miles on the clock. WOW what a car and the sound is totally awesome even better in real life than watching thousands of videos on You Tube:D I just hope i never get bored of the sound, even the...
  16. nordicmatter

    Picked up the new c63 !!

    Picked up my new c63 on Tuesday so now another 1000 miles of tedious running in the mrs then today saw my old one in Newquay and got a wave from her new keeper . Big thanks to Truro Mercedes for there great service and massive discount enabling me to have the extra options, not that I have a...
  17. CardinalZeus77

    Picked up my new M3 yesterday.

    My move to the dark side is complete ... :D Picked up my new M3 yesterday. A few pics ....
  18. A

    SL 320 picked up this week.

    Finaly bought another Sl R129. Having owned a 1990 300sl for 7 years I thought two years on it was time for another. I have just biught a 1997 SL320 in Aqua Marine blue with cream leather and blue roof. The car is in very good condition with 70k on the clock. Interior is superb and it drives...
  19. G

    Finally picked up my E55 last night !

    I honestly felt sorry for the seller. Very nice chap. Had the car over 4yrs and kept very good care of it. Sitting in his drive now is a full fat RR, which he's already not pleased with. I think he realised he never should of sold the E55 ! So I paid him and left sharpish :) Had a good two...
  20. D

    Just picked up a 2002 CL55 (pic heavy)

    Just wanted to say HI back again. I was a regular on the forum a couple of years ago with my ML430 till I sold up Anyway Im glad to say Im back in the seat of a Benz after picking up a 2002 CL55 after doing a deal with my X5 4.4 V8 came away well chuffed. Here's the old X5 I...
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