1. Alexf

    Picking New Car Up On Friday!

    I'm picking my first special (previous punto owner) and brand new car on Friday! Mercedes C Class Coupe Is there anything I need to be aware of or look out for? Also I heard that some cars have a break in period? For example, Advising you to only go so fast for 1000 miles. I looked...
  2. M

    Picking up a W210 this evening, is this anything to worry about?

    I'm picking up a nice, rusty-but-still-MOT'd W210 300dt this evening, on 172k. I'll be driving it back about 200 miles so I should get a good idea if there's anything serious wrong mechanically, but I just got the below info from the seller: "1 - oil weep from oil filler cap on rocker cover -...
  3. gr1nch

    Experiences picking up a new car on 1st March? At Grimsby?

    The dealer in buying from were keen to point out said they'll be very busy. They've back-to-back 30 minute pickup slots all day and I picked one. Curious on members experiences getting a new car on this day. * Do all the things happen that you would get when normally buying a new car at a...
  4. S

    Newbie here - Picking up our ML250 CDI BlueTEC Special Edition on Saturday!

    Hi All, Here's to my first post! I've been an active member on both the UK Audi TT and E90 forum and hope to be over here too! The wife and I have purchased a 2013 ML250 CDI BlueTEC Special Edition and take delivery of her on Saturday. Excited to say the least! It's Diamond white...
  5. W

    Picking up my first MB tomorrow (2012 w204 C220 AMG Sport Plus) do I need a warranty?

    Hi guys I will be picking up a used 2012 w204 C220 AMG Sport Plus tomorrow from a small independent garage. Car is in great condition has 35K miles and comes with full MB service history. Should I look to buy a warranty for the car as being a MB I assume any repairs will be costly. If a...
  6. fozRB25

    Picking up new car tomorrow!

    Hi folks hope you are all well! I desperately need some advice to put my mind at ease please! I'm picking up a 2008 C280 tomorrow, it has 54,000 miles on the clock and is backed up by a full Mercedes main dealer service history. After doing a bit of research I've come across the Balance Shaft...
  7. S

    Picking up on Saturday!!

    Hi all! My name is Stefan and I am picking up my c63 amg coupe this Saturday. Have waited 1 month since placing the deposit and cant WAIT!! Past cars 4 M3's 2 Golf R's and a Nissan GTR. Always had the itch to scratch with the c63 so very exited, and looking forward to being as helpful to...
  8. D

    Picking her up tomorrow !!!

    So i'm picking up my C63 tomorrow & excited doesn't quite cover it :eek: 2012 plate in Obsidian Black with Black/red leather. Planning on covering a few miles this weekend :p:p:p
  9. Spinal

    Heathrow: Picking someone up

    I need to pick up SWMBO from Heathrow today; she's arriving by tube from central London... We're only going across the street to Sipson for a dog event, hence why she's going to Heathrow. That said, from what I remember, there is nowhere to stop near the Terminal 1-3 tube station... any...
  10. L

    Reservations about picking up new c220 diesel

    Im picking up a New c220 cdi coupe this week. Im pleased with the deal and love he look of the car, but having last minute reservations reading negative posts about noisy or unrefined diesels. :(
  11. M

    Woo Hoo Picking up my new car on sunday

    Dealers just phoned to say my new cars ready to be collected sunday at 10.30. I was late getting the paperwork for the plate transfer and insurance to them so was expecting to get it next weekend. Happy days. Although I think Mrs Blonde is more excited than me and has already said she is...
  12. G

    Picking my new car up today

    To say I am quite excited is an understatement! Cheers Gerry
  13. D

    Picking up my First MB on Saturday

    Hi, I should be picking up my first MB from the dealer on Satuday. Its an E class 320CDI Sport 56 plate. I cant wait. Cheers, Derek
  14. D

    Picking up my First MB on Saturday

    Hi, I should be picking up my first MB from the dealer on Satuday. Its an E class 320CDI Sport 56 plate. I cant wait. Cheers, Derek
  15. M

    picking this up tomorrow :)

    1987 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 16V Cosworth, Black. | eBay had one of these a few years back and loved every minute of it.im treating myself for my 30th b/day in a couple of weeks.looking forward to getting it now.. it popped up on ebay late saturday night,phoned the guy straight away,asked the...
  16. J

    Radio not picking up CD multichanger in the boot

    The radio has stopped picking up the CD multichanger in the boot. Error says it is not finding the CD changer. Changer in the boot loads and unloads ok (tried several times). It is a 2001 CLK 320 with all the original equipment. Any ideas on how to check. Is it most likely to be faulty...
  17. I

    Picking up my new car tomorrow !!

    Hi All, Just done the deal on a lovely W204 2008 c200cdi auto Elegance, with Leather, for Mrs Ice!! The car is dark grey metalic and it has cream leather. Does anyone know if there is an aux input for the ipod as standard?? If so,:cool: where will it be? I have along drive back and the...
  18. shshivji

    Picking up the car tomorrow but now worried about the m272 engine

    Hi every one, been really excited this week to pick my c280 tomorrow. But yesterday i was going through the various merc forums and found that the early m272 engines had issues with soft balancer shaft sprocket that wore down and causes the timing to go out :-/ i checked my engine serial number...
  19. clk208

    Picking up CLS from dealer tomorrow - questions

    Very excited to be picking up the CLS from the merc main dealer tomorrow - hopefully everything will go to plan. I am going to check through all the service documents and paperwork etc following the occasional report of foul play mentioned in there forums. Couple of specific questions: 1)...
  20. Stig2082

    Picking up CLS tomorrow, much excitement :)

    First if all thanks for all the advice and tips - this is a very friendly and helpful forum. Well the day has arrived, picking the CLS (320 CDI, 08, facelift, good spec) up tomorrow morning. Will wave a sad goodbye to the W211 Estate 320cdi (04). It has been a superbly reliable and wonderful...
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