1. C

    Mercedes CL500 Widebody Pickup Truck Big Power Build Thread!

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the process of building a CL500 into a widebody pickup truck with a lot of power :thumb: Here is the original thread that I started https://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/performance-lounge/217889-cl500-pickup-truck-massive-power-2.html#post2466372 But this...
  2. gurpz

    W210 E300 Pickup

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222468279040 :eek:
  3. A

    Pickup Mercedes

    These look the dogs:cool: The new X Class And what is this one :eek: And they don't make interiors like this anymore :cool: And I've not got a clue on this one Audi or a Tesla I think:thumb:
  4. KillerHERTZ

    G-Class 4x4² Pickup - Spyshots

  5. C

    CL500 Pickup Truck Massive Power?!?!?!?

    What Ho People!? I have recently acquired a 2000 CL500 land barge for some reason unknown to me ahaha. I am currently turning it into a pickup truck because a Hilux just doesn't float my boat... but as the CL is a barge it floats quite nicely ahah!! Its gunna have a jaguar XJS rear...
  6. Gledsyc63

    A pickup

    Mercedes new pickup. Being a fan of trucks I think it looks stunning and if that had a 5.5 bi turbo in !! https://www.facebook.com/MercedesBenzMaybachFans/videos/984524108341442/
  7. T

    A Mercedes Pickup - Uggh!

    Words fail me. Mercedes-Benz just announced a gorgeous new pickup truck ? the X-Class - Business Insider .
  8. sgh

    W205 14 plate pickup tomorrow

    Can't wait picking up my 2014 C CLASS C250 BlueTEC AMG Line Premium Plus tomorrow. Wa very impressed on the test drives & the inside really shows Mercedes have moved up a gear. I've had 3 SLK's & an A Class previous to this. Has pretty much most of the extras apart from Airmatic suspension.
  9. grober

    Nissan navara pickup truck review

    Why would anyone be interested in a Nissan Pickup on a Mercedes forum- weeell ----because rumour has it this may be the basis of a future Mercedes Pickup truck.:dk: Nissan Navara NP300 2015 - Van Review | Honest John
  10. M

    Brabus G500 XXL Pickup Truck

    From the article: You never know what you might find if you search the "for sale" section of the biggest Mercedes-Benz tuner in the world. Shock is a good way to describe what we felt when we saw Brabus has a tuned version of the super-rare XXL pickup truck. 24 pictures and and full article .
  11. A

    ML 320 dosent pickup speed

    HELP: Hi everyone My ML320 1999 is having problems in pickingup speed. first it started loosing power no it dosent move at all, the car was with garage for two months and they say it could be throtlle body but they are not sure as the 'computer' not showing any codes. I was first told my...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes to Build Pickup Truck

  13. baxlin

    Power pick-up point and dash cam

    I'm considering purchasing a dash camera, but I HATE trailing wires!! So two questions: What camera should I buy? Where can I take the power from, ie hard wire it, so I can route the cable so as it can't be seen. I anticipate mounting it in what i understand is the only completely...
  14. Palfrem

    Unusual pick-up anyone?

    mercedes w123 | eBay
  15. grober

    Mercedes Pickup Truck

    No you are not seeing things! Evidently Mercedes were on the point of marketing a rebadged Nissan Titan and Frontier Pickups as a Mercedes in the US where they are extremely popular vehicles. Most of the exterior characteristics would have been held in common except for a different front...
  16. npuk

    |Mercedes Pickup

    MERCEDES PICKUP 300 TD AUTO | eBay Not seen one before.
  17. D

    Near miss at heathrow terminal pickup

    Was picking a friend at the airport and in my excitement, double parked and put the car in reverse instead of park. Got out the car, shut door and car was picking up speed in reverse. I just manage to make back into the car in time before disaster struck. Very close call! Why don't the C class...
  18. gmanrangers

    e class pickup???

  19. S

    220d pick-up

    I did know there was such a thing: HISTORIC MERCEDES 220d PICK-UP , VERY RARE VEHICLE, DRIVE AWAY | eBay
  20. gmanrangers

    w114 pickup

    HISTORIC MERCEDES 220d PICK-UP , VERY RARE VEHICLE, DRIVE AWAY | eBay never saw one of these before
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