1. Doc matt

    Already mapped? [ECU picture]

    I wasn't sure if my car was mapped, other than seeing if the speed limiter was reduced I thought I'd have a look at the ECU. There looks to be evidence that it's been tampered with as the metal is a little bent where they've tried to separate it? So I guess it's been mapped then? I know...
  2. Norte23

    Picture posting

    How come the 1st pic I posted from the post image site went on the message board as a picture & yet now I have registered with post image I can only post links? Unless I have changed something somewhere! Mark
  3. N

    Old Picture Archive

    Millions of images of the past. Old Pics Archive | Historical and Vintage Photographs
  4. MB-BTurbo

    Cars in garage, whats happened in this picture to the CV?

    I had my CV joint replaced a few months ago. When they fitted it the clip was done up tight enough and it spilled a lot of grease. Fortunately I spotted it quickly and took it back where the repacked it and retightened it. Recently the car has been making some weird noises when accelerating at...
  5. Druk

    Poor picture TV

    Quick answer please. Bought a new small telly yesterday from Curry/PC. Getting it back to the caravan it's got the worst picture ever. Not got time to haggle with them ( moving on tomorrow), so...what are my rights for a refund?..as opposed to "try this one sir". Ta.
  6. cazyp

    Pricey E55 with an unfortunate main picture & an unrecorded to note for the future

    Mercedes E55 AMG w211 E class Black not M3 M5 RS | eBay At least he took it from an angle where you can see the Front near side rim is bent... Mercedes E55 AMG only 67k! Black HPI Clear Unrecorded Damage Starts & Drives FSH | eBay Black, YJ53 BSV. Unrecorded hpi clear. Soon to appear as...
  7. paul73mt

    w204 front suspension picture

    Has anybody got to hand a picture of the front suspension for a c350 CDI as i have some 'play in one of my lower arms but not sure it its a lower arm or someone said its the thrust arm if i could look at a picture then i could say what one it is. Thanks Paul
  8. markmifsud

    Engine bay picture needed for SLK R171

    Hi all, can anyone put up an image of the air scoop/water drain that sits above the battery please. My friend has a SLK 55 amg (2005) and has noticed that his air scoop has a big hole that you could get your hands through, but looks to me that it should have some sort of leaf catcher filter in...
  9. rusty55

    R129 hood picture required to show side panel fitment

    I can any of you good people upload images of the hood sitting against door when up at lower edge please I think mine may be to much of a gap Thanks
  10. J

    1979 Mercedes sl bulkhead question with picture.

    Hi all, Ive just bought a 1979 450 sl thats been standing in a garage for 20 years, Ive always wanted one and i found this through a friend of mine, it was his aunties and shes the 3rd owner. The last year it was outside which is a shame and probably has caused most of the corrosion to the...
  11. JohnEclass

    What's wrong with this picture

    Can the eagle eyed among you spot what's wrong with this picture? And no its not the black wheels :rolleyes:
  12. A

    OK - no picture in last thread - I'm a dufus :((( WHOOOOAAAA what a car

    I made myself look like a right ***** **** in my last post as I forget to post the picture too :(((( Not usually this blonde !!!!
  13. C240Sport97

    picture thread with a difference

    who wants to play :) RULES: 1. ONE picture per forum member only 2. must have a Mercedes in the picture, no other car allowed 3. no words, no icons, no smilies, etc: nothing else allowed in your post 4. picture of the Mercedes must be one that you own or used to own
  14. W

    Multi function display picture

    Hi All, I have just purchased my first Mercedes got a nearly new e250 coupe and love it. A quick question if I may, on the multi function display when i pull off sometimes there appears a picture of the side of the car with what looks like 2 passengers sitting one from one back with out...
  15. Palfrem

    Mercedes picture quiz

    Do you know your Mercs? - PistonHeads Interesting quiz shamelessly stolen from Pistonheads
  16. L

    Picture of w220 front suspension on WIS?

    Hi All I have a couple of suspension issues on my 2001 S320cdi which I need to get sorted asap. It was reported to me that front lower ball joints were worn to excess and yesterday whilst changing the oil I had a look when the car was up on axel stands. There appears to be two 'arms'...
  17. poormansporsche

    Something missing from this picture !

    FORD FOCUS 2.5 ST 5 DOOR BLACK LEATHER RECARO SEATS BREAKING 2005 TO 2008 MODEL | eBay I think they may have a bit too much time on their hands !
  18. Shiznmatt

    Next Number Picture

    Hi all, just abit of fun, the object is to post a picture with the next number in it, ie 1,2,3 etc.
  19. DSB SL AMG

    Web picture location tracking...

    Hi All, Not sure if this has been covered, but be warned when posting pics on FB / Ebay / Autotrader etc...scary stuff:eek:, info links below. Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks - YouTube http://netsecurity.about.com/od/secu...n-Tracking.htm...
  20. W4E300

    Pistonheads Facebook picture

    Very pretty picture from the Pistonheads Facebook page this evening..... Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
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