1. W

    Where can I get this dent / scratch sorted? (pictures inside)

    Hi guys Got a bit of a dent and scratch on my C class. See pics below. Any good places I can take this in east London / Essex? And how much should it cost to sort? Thanks
  2. lisa110rry

    New pictures of my little car

    Recently the lane I live on was resurfaced with all the attendant mess and disruption. A neighbour on a parallel lane allowed me to park on his large drive. He's a proper clever photographer and took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures which now grace my album (and my avatar). I'm...
  3. Myclk55amg

    Posting pictures on here?

    Hi guys I need your help? I wanting to advertise my car for sale on here, however I ain't got a clue how to post pictures on here? Can anyone help me please I'd be really grateful
  4. RickyBurrows

    Anyone know how to add pictures to your profile?

    Hi can anybody help I've just signed up and was wondering how I can edit my profile like the avatar and add images of my car ect? Thanks
  5. F

    Posting pictures

    Can someone tell me how to upload photos from iPad or PC, all I can see is URL, I've no idea how to do it from JPEG.
  6. Z

    W140 pictures

    Well I seem to have managed to load these photo's The car is a 1995 S600 one owner until last year when it had 3000,miles on the clock it has lived all it's life in Mayfair in a underground car park,the new owner is using it as a daily run about and has put on another 11,000 miles the photos...
  7. CRBXF

    Uploading pictures

    Was wanting to upload the piccies of my new pride and joy a C Class 300h but can't do it. Must I have a set number of posts before being able to do this? Also do I need a separate picture hosting web account? Chris
  8. erdnase

    Pictures & Albums' link ?

    Pictures & Albums' link, and then clicking on 'Add Album'. Don't see this in my Control Panel?
  9. d w124

    Some pictures of the 124 meet last sunday

    Hope you like the :)
  10. W

    CLS 55 Pictures

    Just a few photos of my CLS55, to celebrate how much I love it! (only had it a few weeks, and still can't stop smiling!)
  11. Cousy

    F1 in Germany AMG pictures

    Some pictures from the F1 at Hockenheim, Germany. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  12. T

    1995 sl320 new owner pictures..

    ...some topless pictures!
  13. Steveml63

    GLC Coupe launched in Europe - with pictures

    Hi, Article below details GLC Coue launch in Europe New Mercedes GLC Coupe Priced From ?49,444 In Germany Looks great in that blue paint scheme! Cheers Steve
  14. mat8n

    Random car pictures

    My first one is through my temporary gates, just after a wash... Looked like a good angle. Second one... Through the best ford that I know of!
  15. R

    W209 CLK Xenon melted! *PICTURES*

    Hi, a friend of mine has a w209 clk and recently the passenger headlight started flicking and eventually went out. We went to go change it and found the actual connector and bulb had melted! Has anyone actually seen this happen before? The bulb was recently changed 3 months prior to this with a...
  16. D

    2012 E250 coolant level - pictures included

    Hello The 'check coolant level' light came on earlier a few miles from home. I've let the car cool and I've had a look at the tank. I've included a picture of the current level. Can't see any signs of leaks, it's parked on a rather clean driveway so it would show pretty quickly. Does the tank...
  17. T

    2012 C63 AMG pictures

    Dear all Finally got my C63, since buying her, she went straight into the garage. Front and rear bumpers resprayed Bonnet resprayed Wheels refurbed Near side doors resprayed Both rear quarter panels resprayed Driver bolster repaired Wheel alignment Factory options include; 19...
  18. Martyn1993

    W201 pictures

    Just a few of the pics I took on my SLR of my 190E today whilst out playing in the snow, no sideways action at all officer!:D Anyone else been out playing in their Mercs today? [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  19. D

    Pictures of cars. Past and present.

    Just though this would be a nice place to post pictures of cars you like. Either off the net or your own photos of your own car. Ant.
  20. stwat

    Unable to edit pictures in photobucket

    Is anyone else having problems with photobucket? I'm unable to edit pictures. it goes to the edit page but the picture doesn't appear and none of the edit icons can be clicked.
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