1. R

    American Pie 2

    Just caught the end of this movie on ITV...interesting to see a W215 CL feature in the very last scene of the film. The car was being "rodeo'd"...if you know what I mean!!! :bannana:
  2. janner

    L306D motor caravan

    Not Ebay... Something a bit different 1975 Mercedes-Benz L306D Motor Caravan Auction - Classic Car Auctions & Sale - H&H
  3. Corrado

    Pie poll

    Start the week as we mean to go on... Feast y'er mince pies on these and imagine how you'd like to dispatch them. I've just had 3 of them 'au naturel' with morning coffee. Excellent. ("They aren't just mince pies..........."). They'd have been even better warm with melting brandy butter:cool...
  4. F

    Jeremy Clarkson hit with custard pie...

    :D http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-13436604,00.html
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