1. sssammm

    Nice Piece

    Nice bit of kit in Portugal
  2. M

    M113k 5 piece pulley kit + belt wrap kit

    Hi everyone I am a bit confused as too which manufacturer I should use to replace my idler pulley and would highly appreciate any advice given. On my 04 e55k (engine m113k) the double ribbed pulley(idler pulley) needs changing, a company called UPD offers a 5 piece pulley set so I can replace...
  3. CowleyStJames

    Need help identifying trim piece

    Lacquer peeling on this trim piece on my 2010 W204 estate. Looking to replace it so can anyone help me with a part number please?
  4. M

    WTB: AMG OZ 3 Piece

    Hi, I'm after a set of AMG OZ 3 Piece rims for my 500E. I'm located in Lndon, Let me know if you guys have any for sale! Cheers, Mat
  5. bob6600

    Halfords 30 Piece Socket Set was £15 now 2 for £17.75

    Be quick, good for a spare in the car Glitch! Halfords 30 Piece Socket Set was £15 now 2 for £17.75 @ Halfords (Free C&C) + 4% TCB - HotUKDeals
  6. brucemillar

    124 Wagon Trim Piece Wanted

    Friends I am after the trim that goes around the inside tailgate release latch, on a 124 estate. Ideally in mushroom. For clarity. It's the inside latch that a passenger in the 7th seat would use to open the tailgate. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  7. M

    Where to buy 2 piece rotors for 2014 C63?

    I am contemplating a set of Evosport 2 piece rotors (front and rear) for the 507 but have discovered that they are no longer in business...this has put me off buying them as I can't replace the rotors! As with a lot of things on this car, I'm struggling to find top but realistically priced...
  8. S

    Y Piece connector

    Can anyone tell me whether the Y piece connector that links the vacuum hose between the two actuators on a C63 is a Mercedes only part? It has a part number on it but I don't know if the same part is available at ECP I've added a pic (if it works)
  9. IMD

    Looking for 40 replacement bolts for 2 piece 18 inch AMG split rim wheels

    Hi all, I am in the process of getting my 2 piece AMG Split Rim 18 inch wheels refurbished by Lepsons. (Picture of wheel type attached) Two of the wheels had been painted before I bought them and therefore the bolts were painted over. Lepsons have emailed saying that they have stripped...
  10. Bleazzy

    Refurbing 3 piece split rims

    Looking to get my alloys refurbed ,they are 3 piece split rims ! Any recommended guys in the east Anglian area ?
  11. S

    Racing Brake 2 piece Rotor Upgrade for C63 - Gauging Interest.

    Hi guys, I am looking at upgrading the OEM 1 piece rotors to 2 piece rotors similar to the PPP version. But with weight saving and cost saving. Looking at the mbworld.org forums, Racing Brake comes highly recommended. I am looking a this set. Mercedes C63 AMG Brake Package...
  12. rockits

    Halfords 5 Piece Lifting Kit - Any good?

    Anyone got one of these and can recommend it or not? Halfords 5 Piece Lifting Kit
  13. R

    AMG VI 2 piece staggered wheels in stering silver

    Hi, Just had one set of my 19" genuine 2 piece AMG VI 5 x twin spoke wheels back from Mercedes today, all total refurbished, as new, with the centre section in Sterling Silver. 8.5J ET30 fronts and 9.5J ET31 rears. No tyres, wheels only. I already have a another set of these VI's, so...
  14. D

    Wanted: Genuine one piece ///AMG badge..

    I need a genuine one piece ///AMG badge as would have been found on W202 C36's, W124 E36's, W140 AMG's etc... Made between (and found on many other AMG models of the same vintage), say roughly 1993-97....? cash waiting.... Dee :thumb:
  15. G

    W204 Coupe Centre Console - Trim Piece Part No.

    Hi, I'm picking up my car tomorrow, and there is one thing I wanted to do, to make it feel A1, and that is to replace a piece of trim in the centre console/armrest area which had a couple of marks. I have the VIN number for my car, and I know what piece of trim I need, but how can I find it...
  16. K

    w116 350SE "museum" piece...

    MERCEDES 350 SE AUTO SILVER garage barn find dry stored must see!! Classic merc | eBay Vendor previously advertised with buy it now non-carrot of £12k and "make offer" of which there was one (declined). Now selling with no reserve.
  17. T

    Genuine AMG IV sl wheels 2 piece, with brand new tyres

    I bought these for my CL63 am But they won't fit straight without having to go thru some spacers which I am not keen on doing so, been looking for a set of these for quiet some time but sadly they no good for me. Cash upon collection only from Dorking, RH3 Here we have a very good set of very...
  18. V

    19" AMG IV 2 Piece wheel and tyre

    Can anyone advise on what selling price would be fair for a genuine AMG IV 2 Piece 8.5J X 19 EH2 ET30 in very good condition, no kerbing, fitted with 255/35 ZR19 tire with 5mm+ tread? I have 4 available.
  19. O

    2 piece gloss black single fin grille BS style - Edinburgh

    2 piece BS style single fin grille. Easy fitting great finish & looks superb when installed. Includes top lip for bonnet £100 prefer local pick up if possible.
  20. Scott_F

    A Rare Piece Of Modern Art Just Coming Onto The Market.....

    OK - it's possibly a slightly compromised piece. But I still wouldn't be surprised to see it end up at Sotheby's........
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