1. S

    W202 C230K - Pierburg Pump

    I have always had fuel delivery issues with my C230K since taking ownership about a year and a half ago. Turned out that a completely wrong pump had been installed by previous owners, and this pump has was on its way out, accompanied by high-pitched noises and occasionally wouldn't operate at...
  2. B

    Pierburg fuel pressure regulator w123.026

    hi Guys,i'm looking for a source for this part from a 1984 w123 250 petrol/gasoline.(w123.026)It's a fuel pressure regulator.(part number:A0000722517 OR A0000723017).Regards Barry
  3. 6

    2.0 pierburg carb issues on 190

    Hi Folks , Im new to 190 ownership and am trying to get my car running sweeter . I am looking for info on idle adjustment on the Pierburg 175 carb - also a source of the Cut off solenoid as mine is running on as its stuck in the open position and the electrical connection is burned out ...
  4. emenoz

    pierburg pump 7.22879.00

    hi all am looking for a 7.22879.00 pierburg pump , can someone give me a link to this pump
  5. emenoz

    pierburg pump 7.22879.00

    hi all am looking for a 7.22879.00 pierburg pump , can someone give me a link to this pump
  6. H

    Pierburg Carburettor - Does it have a return spring?

    Afternoon, i have a question about the carb currently in my '72 W115. Its a pierburg/stromberg carb (175 CD)...but the accelerator pedal stick to the floor when fully pressed. Just wonderng whether there should be a return spring as it seems to come up ok when lifting it by hand....not the...
  7. D

    w124 1988 190 2L Pierburg Carb Mixture Screw

    Hi I hope someone can help me with this. My 1988 190 is running sweet, but is running too rich, causing the emmissions to show as around 7 ( whatever you call its ) rather than the 3.5 the MOT man requires. I am wasting petrol , which at current prices is just daft, and obviously killing the...
  8. S

    bosch or pierburg maf??

    I've searched the forum to try and find what type of maf is fitted to the w210 e300 and couldn't find anything, is it bosch or pierburg can anyone tell me? If it is Bosch can i still fit a pierburg?? pierburg seems to be cheaper but higher quality...
  9. A

    Pierburg MAF inlet air temp (IAT)?

    Hi, Does the replacement pierburg maf (7.22684.07) mentioned in the "How To" have an IAT sensor like the bosch one? Thanks Adam
  10. Ian B Walker

    Pierburg Carb

    Just in the process of stripping this carb down as it has been spewing out fuel when really cold. So rather than just strip down / clean / put back together I thought why not refurb it with an overhaul kit, so.............anyone have the Part Number for this item? Many thanks in advance.
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