1. poormansporsche

    Morons, Slappers, Pikeys and other assorted scum ....

    Another day doing the school run. I honestly cannot work out how SWMBO does it everyday, I literally would end up lumping someone and getting banged up if I did it. ?????
  2. nick mercedes

    10% of UK refining capacity is about to go dark

    ""Insolvent Swiss refiner Petroplus' Coryton refinery in the UK is likely to close after its administrator PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said on Monday that it had failed to find a buyer " "10% of UK refining capacity is about to go dark" As One Of UK's Biggest Refineries Prepares For...
  3. nick mercedes

    more olympics madness

    "WHEN it was announced the Olympic Torch would pass through Oxford, it was hoped the city would see a huge boost in business. But traders hoping to make the most of a costly pitch at the official South Park event have accused organisers of squeezing the life out of it. According to stringent...
  4. nick mercedes

    if you can't hire one, build your own

    MERCEDES C Class W204 C63 AMG Conversion | eBay
  5. nick mercedes

    hirecar pilots come unstuck

    For drivers who don't want to commit to a new car purchase, leasing has become a popular option. But for a police department in a city with a struggling economy, running up a $65,000 bill for what amounts to renting an nine-year-old car seems like a bit of an oversight. That's just what the...
  6. Palfrem

    Appalling behaviour towards grandfather

    BBC News - Grandfather murder plot girls sentenced I heard this on the lunchtime news - I can't believe just how nasty and vicious some people are. The miserable scroats have forfeited their yuman roit to Oxygen if you ask me. Apalling.
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