1. R

    hand print on w204 door pillar

    Hi All, After months of trying to remove it after every clean, I have given up and thought I would ask for help. On my door pillar, I seem to have a hand print which just won't budge. I never noticed when I purchased the car. It must be some sort of oil or cleaning product that was used when...
  2. L

    Door Pillar Stickers

    Hi Ive just bought a rear door and the pillar sticker needs replacing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253054797916 A Class, Near side Rear. Ive seen these stickers can be replaced. How would I identify which this is? Ive seen B and C pillar stickers and have no idea what that means. Ta
  3. CLSMark

    Looking for beige A pillar trim

    Most breakers I've tried are foreign spoken, and don't know what I'm going on about Sent using a tin can on the end of a string
  4. A

    Offside windscreen pillar cover removal

    Hello. I'm looking to fit a Dashcam to my E class cab and thinking of running the cable behind the plastic cover over the offside windscreen pillar. Can anyone tell me how to remove this cover or at least loosen it so I can feed the cable.
  5. D

    How to remove C Class Coupe 2008-11 B & C Interior Pillar Trim?

    My driver side seat belt is very slack to a point were I have to feed it back in order for it to retract otherwise it smash open a hole on my speaker grill :crazy:. It is an MOT failure and I have one coming up soon. Does anyone know how to remove the rear trim which houses the belt...
  6. J

    1993 R129 Inner Windscreen Pillar Trim Removal

    Hi, I don't have a workshop manual and I can't find anything on the web. I'd like to remove the inside pillar trim so that I can re glue the vinyl which is now lifting (and cut) following a windscreen replacement. It looks as if the header rail needs to be removed but I can't be sure...
  7. J

    Sunroof (or something) soaking left front pillar A160 2010

    Hi. I hope there is someone really clever who can help: sunroof of (or something else) A160 2010 leaking inside on the left front pillar. Been to garage twice - checked it myself but cant find the reason. It only leaks in when car is not level and leaning forward (our street). Lowered the...
  8. T

    slk 280 drivers side c pillar clip broken

    Hi Just noticed that my c pillar trim does not sit well near the top, roof end (trims either did of rear window) I had a look inside and the clip has broke near top I hear these are a pain to Change and am worried of water getting in Can water get in? Was thinking of getting some...
  9. MB-tex

    W124 grey A pillar trim.

    Hi All Anyone got a driver's side, pale grey, A pillar trim for a late model W124 for sale? Thanks Tom
  10. c180081c

    w203 B Pillar trims external

    As in title all 4 external b pillar trims, apparently the c32 ones fit too. If you have some let me know. Also referred to as ornamental covers
  11. c180081c

    W203 Exterior B Pillar Part Numbers

    Hi Guys, Removed the scratched and rusty b pillar trims today to repaint but they didn't survive removal, anybody know all four part numbers so I can grab some new ones?
  12. c180081c

    Help! How to remove w203 exterior b pillar trim

    Hi Guys, My exterior b pillar trim between the windows is corroding from the top and rusting, how do i remove just the trim? I have seen the stick on kits but would rather remove and clean them up before applying something over the top. Any help appreciated as searching for 2...
  13. K

    W123 DAB installation: "A" pillar inner trim

    Hi, Could anyone please advise on how to remove the inner A pillar trim? I've searched the site to no avail and am trying to avoid any damage which will only bug the hell out of me later when it doesn't re-attach properly...I suspect clips are involved but their precise location would be a...
  14. V

    W123 C Pillar Trim removal

    Hi There, I am currently stripping out the interior of my 1982 W123 4 door and cant seem to get the C Pillar trim off! I don't want to just yank it off in case I break something. Any Ideas?! Any help greatly appreciated!! Cheers Matt
  15. A

    B pillar door trim

    Hi guys, Anyone know where I can source a B pillar exterior door trim. The piece that sits between the front and rear door. I need a passenger side front door trim in the Matt black but can't seem to find one anywhere. Someone attempted to break into my car last week :mad: Collection wouldn't...
  16. toolman1954

    Near side "a" pillar trim panel s211 e320

    Hi All. S211 2003 E320 AVANTGARDE I need to remove the Near Side "A" Pillar trim panel to enable me to fit a stick on DAB aerial earth to the metalwork. I have pulled off the door trim and am somewhat reluctant to use brute force to rip off the trim panel down the...
  17. S

    s204 leak in drivers B pillar

    Hi All I seem to have a leak getting into the drivers side door pillar on my 2008 204 estate, it does not have a sun roof, so I am thinking it might be the roof bar mountings. what I get is the seat belt is quite damp after it has been raining, and a dampness to the carpet at the bottom of the...
  18. MickyP64

    W169 A Class - Damp Patches A Pillar

    Drove the car today – first time for a week and noticed this…damp on the passenger side A Pillar, top and bottom…Anyone have any idea of the root cause…I suspect something to do with the sun roof…Any advice appreciated…
  19. Deane x

    Door pillar trim On w220 s class

    Hi I am trying to find a drivers door pillar cover ( the trim on the door next to the window ) looked on e bay and Dronsfields and all over Internet but can only find after market ones that are stick on vinyl ... Also looking for clips and plastic inserts to hold wood trim on doors , is it going...
  20. W

    Wanted .. W220 front A pillar trim

    Will need to check colour/part number ... It looks white ... Looking for an unmarked drivers side a pillar trim. Thanks
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