1. D

    SLK170 'C' pillars

    Hi.....I have an SLK200, 2004 vintage, and rust bubbles have appeared on the inside edges of both rear C pillars (adjacent to the rear windscreen). Does anyone know if these pillars are removable (for treatment and painting). Thanks
  2. J

    W219 C Pillars - remove seats first?

    Hello, Can the interior CLS C Pillars be removed/installed without having to remove the rear seats and possibly the shelf? Many thanks Jo
  3. BIG_G_1979

    B pillars

    Hi guys what do u use to makenthe black b pillars back to shiny? Mine are all dull I think they never been polish and really looks crap any ideas?
  4. Palmer

    Engine cleaning + A pillars

    Yo! Gonna clean the engine on my new E300 soon. What do you guys recommend using? Ive got some auto glym engine degrease which you brush on then pour on water to clear off but it always looks crap. Also, My car has some marks on the headlining / a pillars. Normally id shampoo it with my...
  5. clashcityrocker

    replacing external b pillars

    on my w2o2 i replaced the b pillars with black carbon fibre ones they were easy enough to come off i am hoping to do the same to the w203 how easy is the removal and wheres best to buy new pillars
  6. VTurbo

    Refurb Rear Pillars on a ML

    Has anyone done a refurb on the rear pillers just above the lights? If the answer is, what did you use and how?
  7. Gucci

    Replacing ML w163 C pillars

    Thanks to BobbyDazzler's link, I've bought replacement plastic C pillars. Nice and sparkly they are too. They are just bonded onto the car - no fixings at all. What adhesive can I get to do this job? :dk:
  8. Gucci

    ML plastic rear pillars £90 each!!!!

    They must just break even on these! Honestly - a bit of thick plastic - currently pealing on both sides of my rear pillars (see a few MLs with this now). I reckon a re-lacquer is better a.k.a cheaper - what reckon?
  9. Gucci

    Flaking lacquer on ML rear pillars

    :( As the title suggests, suddenly on the black rear plastic pillars either side of the rear screen, the lacquer is peeling off very quickly and very noticeably. I noticed on another ML nearby the same thing happening. How much to get these re-lacquered you reckon? :dk:
  10. Z

    Strange marks on pillars

    Hey there all, On my w221 s class, there are a lot of permanent marks on the external pillars (between the windows.) I've attached the picture; it's got a very strange texture to it. Any idea what this is and how to get them off? It's on all 4 panels on both sides of the car. the chrome...
  11. Iyse

    Colour coded B pillars

    Yeah baby!
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