1. R

    Remote parking pilot with Google Pixel

    Hello all. Has anyone managed to about a Google Pixel with the remote parking pilot? No matter what I try, they refuse to pair citing "incorrect pin" as the reason.
  2. =Stretch=

    Becker Map Pilot update 2017

    £80.00 download for Europe and the entire estate I live near in UK is still not on the map. WTF! Come on why bother.
  3. moonloops

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    Having ditched the poxy Pirelli P Zero's what a revelation the Michelin's are. I can now do the following when it's raining. 1. Drive forward without traction control light flashing away. 2. Drive round corners at more than 5 mph :bannana: 3. Not sure of the grip in reverse, Michelin been...
  4. B

    Map Pilot - Alternative Route

    Not long taken delivery of a C350e, and am struggling to understand the "alternative route" function on the Sat Nav. This pops up messages fairly regularly which I assume are suggesting an alternative route due to traffic congestion. I cannot seem to find out how to actually accept these...
  5. M

    map pilot and dog guard

    Having sold my w176 A class to move back to a C Class, I have a becker map pilot for sale, asking £125 + postage, and a top quality travail dog guard, as new cost £100 asking £70 plus carriage. I'm based nr Lewes in East Sussex, text or call 07830 959666
  6. markjay

    Becker Map Pilot for sale

    For sale: Becker Map Pilot navigation module. (the pic above is from the Internet) For more details, see here: http://www.mybecker.com/enUK/hauptnavigation/becker-map-pilot/ueberblick/ Suitable for cars made between 2011 and 2015, but only if the car has the Becker Map Pilot pre-wiring...
  7. A

    For Sale 20" Cades Ixion Wheels with Michellin Pilot Sport Tyres

    I am selling my Cades Ixion alloys which are finished in dark gunmetal with polished lips These are fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres all have very good tread (but slight inner edge ware on the rears) rears covered about 5k fronts about 2k One of the fronts has a very slight...
  8. R

    Parking Pilot blu tooth range

    Hello everyone, I am the new owner of an E class 220d estate W213. The cars great, however, I have a very first world issue! Has anyone else got a problem with the range of Parking Pilot? I have a Sony Xperia Z3 compact and have to stand withing a foot or so of the dash to connect (after...
  9. ShaunB

    Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/30/19

    Guys Brand new and still in shrink wrap. £175 and preferable collection, so aimed at the local Northern Ireland guys.
  10. S

    Garmin Map Pilot SD Card Update v8 for Audio 20

    Last weekend I got the SD card out and tried Merc Download Manager to update check my map version and then update it. I left it running and first attempt it foroze at 25%. I then cancelled it and tried again. A few hours later it was stuck at 35% then cancelled again, resumed and this time 52%...
  11. A

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on C63

    Anyone tried the new MPS4S on a C63 yet? Supposed to be the replacement for the Super sport, was intending to go wider (to 265) on the rear but it seems they only come in 255/30/19 and not 265?
  12. B

    MB Map Pilot and the MB bullsh!t customer service support

    Car is a October 2016 registered C Class which I updated the Garmin Map Pilot software on 9th February 2016 with 2015 maps. Since then there has been no updates. A couple of times in the past I have phoned up MB customer support to complain about major motorway junction alterations and...
  13. C63PTL

    265/30/19 Michelin Pilot SS

    Hi As Title I have two for sale, they were on my car for two days driving but rubbed on the wheel arch when I went over a big dip in the road (I changed the offset of the wheels) so replaced them with 255/30/19, so they are practically brand new. Looking for £300.00+£15.00p&p. Cheers Paul
  14. S

    Garmin Map Pilot update

    So I have been trying to update the maps on my c350e - the SD card should be updated via the online system. I have logged in over the weekend and each time it says there is an update to the version 6 maps but then it fails to download and update them to the card. Today I asked the local...
  15. Dannyallen89

    Becker map pilot for sale

    Hi due to selling my car I have a becker map pilot for sale looking for £170 ovno pick up newcastle upon Tyne or I can look into postage cost around the UK. I know very little about this apart from it cost me £240 8month ago I think it could be due an update for newer map roads ect. Sent from...
  16. Dannyallen89

    Becker map pilot

    Hi due to selling my car I have a becker map pilot for sale looking for £170 ovno pick up newcastle upon Tyne or I can look into postage cost around the UK. I know very little about this apart from it cost me £240 8month ago I think it could do with an update too. Sent from my SM-G930F using...
  17. wobbly

    Becker Map Pilot

    Becker Map Pilot M013 Assembly date 02/14 I installed the latest maps in September 2016 Only selling as I've had Comand installed. Perfect working order, with box and instructions. £250 posted
  18. A

    Alternative to Becker Pilot

    Hi all when I inquired about fitting the sat-nav MB wanted nearly £500 for the module. So got myself a bungee cord and fitted my Gallaxay S2 Tablet and use Google maps to go see friends in Wolverhampton, and it worked brilliantly, preferred it to my old Tom Tom. Had a look at a few other...
  19. D

    Garmin GPS and Garmin Pilot

    Can someone explain the difference between the standard Garmin GPS SatNav which comes with the Premium Plus Pack and the extra cost Garmin Map Pilot system which appears to be another add-on Option? Thanks.
  20. J

    Becker Map Pilot

    Recently purchased second hand unit, when it arrived I fitted it in to my 2014 B class, and it appeared to work OK. I was not familiar with the controls for it, so decided to remove it until I was more familiar, and I was going on holiday just back from holiday, and plugged unit in, now getting...
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