1. K

    2 Lines Coming From Fuel Pimp

    Guys, One of the pipes popped off the other day and the car conked out. Diesel everywhere! One of the pipes coming off the high pressure fuel pump and into a T piece sheared off. I'm assuming it had snapped before on a previous owner and they done a DIY fix. It kinda goes plastic to...
  2. J

    Is it not the done thing to pimp an R170?

    Despite days of searching can't find any R170 UK cars that have been styled, trawled through many albums on here, but few non standard cars. Is it not the done thing in the UK to pimp your 170? Is it the hairdresser image? Seems odd as its a great shape, perfect for styling, or is it because...
  3. Screwdriver

    Be a pimp! Buy this W123 on Ebay

    Probably the best listing I've ever read for a W123 1984 MERCEDES 230e w123 stanced, retro, dub euro, beetle swap, lowrider slammed | eBay
  4. Pitts Pilot

    To tint, or to pimp?

    I've got an uneasy feeling that tinting the windows of my black SL will make it look like a "Pimp-mobile". I currently have just the rear window tinted for a bit of privacy, but I've been thinking about doing the rest of the car. First the law: www.gov.uk says: Vehicles first used on 1...
  5. abecketts

    Pimp my ride 500 sec.....crumbs

  6. arfan786

    500sec pimp mobile

    check this pimp mobile "it retains the stock exhaust so no waking up the neighbours when returning on your pimp runs" http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-MERCEDES-500-SEC-AUTO-MODIFIED-PIMP-SPEC-CUSTOM-LOWRIDER-V8-AMG-/200880846891?clk_rvr_id=440808764058
  7. grober

    Skoda-simply clever = pimp my ride

    I liked this. [YOUTUBE HD]A9bwP0brgGg[/YOUTUBE HD]
  8. Howard

    Pimp Barocks

    Mercedes Barock 15" BBS RS AMG Penta Fuchs | eBay Polished lips :cool:
  9. kusanku

    For the aspiring pimp.........

    Just found this during my weekly cruise through the Trader. Initial response was what the *&^%? 2010 MERCEDES-BENZ 300
  10. C

    1961 190SL on Pistonheads

    Don't know if it has been posted before, but there is an interesing car in a thread on Pistonheads: "It's a 1961 190SL called "Mercedes-Bent", and it's got all the undercrackers of a 2004 SL600 Bi-Turbo in it ....tuned by Renntech. It won Best of Show at SEMA in the States this year."...
  11. M

    pimp my van taste fully

    just bought a vito and needs some body work and was also going to pimp it up a bit does any body know were i would get some different bumpers mirrors and poss grill just to make a slight change i am going to colour code this van????:cool:
  12. EDZ649

    A real pimp mobile

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 500 W126 LHD 44,000 MILES on eBay (end time 28-Jun-10 17:46:46 BST)
  13. L

    !!!PIMP!!! curtains/front tables

    does anyone know where you can get electrica car curtains for front/rear windows and the back screen in the u.k? like these and front tables for the w202, i can find them for lexus bmw just not merc, and no suppliers in u.k and yes im a fan of dogging lol!!!! :bannana:
  14. d w124

    Pimp my CE

    MERCEDES 300CE AUTO CUSTOM DVD JVC on eBay (end time 08-May-10 22:20:49 BST)
  15. Gareth

    Old School PIMP [Merc Enclosed]

  16. T

    Alright baby you wanna know how Mac C the pimp rides huh?

    Old video, but really funny. Maybe someone here hasn't seen it before :D "Sittin daytons baby, gold mofo daytons" C07CImALR0g
  17. crockers

    pimp my nav...

    Came across this website - it allows you to download POI onto your sat nav DVD but no good for Mercs but good for BMW ..??? Wonder why? I have tonight sent an email asking if they intend to issue this for Mercedes COMAND - I doubt it but it would be cool to be able to add POI to the DVD...
  18. R

    pimp my ride

    Just watching it on 340sky and the chaps have turned a chevy impala into an 800hp monster and have just blown away a gallardo in a drag strip, using bio-diesel. awesome.
  19. NW_Merc

    You've seen pimp my ride, now comes Desi my ride

  20. janner

    PIMP my W124.

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ Gotta love the Gucci interior.
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