1. shanksy

    M111.960 - blink Code 21 on Pin 8

    Hi All, Have now managed to extract codes with constructed code reader.... All codes stay cleared now except for Code 21 on Pin 8. I cannot, however, find any definitive list of codes for the e220 with the M111.960 engine though. The nearest I can get is the CS1000 scanner manual which...
  2. G

    Location and access - door pin switch W169

    I need to use a C169 door pin switch to handle the ground wire for the door sill lights. How and were can I access it - had a brief look at WIS, and missed it obviously.
  3. Davycc

    Members Map Pin

    Guys and girls, I've thought about bringing something to the forum that I introduced to another forum I'm a member on, LUFCTALK ok ok I know a sad Leeds supporter. Basically its a map to show the location of forum members. Adding your location to the map is easy just: 1. click on "add...
  4. C

    W210 38 pin diag advise please

    Hi all i have a 2001 E320 cdi the abs bas and associated lights have just come on and im looking to find out how to read the codes i have a little hand held scanner and adaptor lead that reads there is a fault code with the engine but wont tell me what it is separate issue im looking at...
  5. bikesforme

    36 pin obd

    Anybody know if there is a scaner that can pin point faults on the 36 pin obd. My soft top dont work and have codes po500 and po720, looking at my cheapest tool that will pin point the fault not just give me a code. Would lke a scanner if there is one rather then laptop and kit. If there is...
  6. Ala

    W208 CLK Convertible -2001 model with 38 pin - which diagnostics to buy

    Hi All. I have searched before posting but cannot find an answer that fits perfectly. My w208 has a 38 pin connector. I can use an OBD with adapter lead for basic diagnostic reads. I currently have an SRS light on. I have cleaned the terminals under the passenger seat and it has not gone...
  7. Haven't a clue!

    Best VFM detachable tow bar & 7 pin electrics for late 2012 C220

    Hi, looking for suggestions from anyone with experience of above for a Nov 12 w204, it's a saloon (AMG Sport) variant. I live in east Midlands area and would look for it to be fitted, now out of warranty. Appreciate the bodykit makes slightly more difficult but presume with a detatchable...
  8. S

    load cover pin and tracks

    Above images are of LHS and RHS pins that locate the rear load cover does the LHS one look broken off? My cover does not behave well and often falls out of tracks. If it is this part anyone know the repair or part number please?
  9. G

    NTG 2 pin outs

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a 2008 ML (W164) and i'm in the process of upgrading the head unit to a Dynavin N6. I need some help, does anyone have the pin outs for the original NTG 2 head unit ? The car also has a rear entertainment package, H&K system, reverse cam and a 6 disc changer...
  10. J

    OBD 16pin and 38 pin wiring/conversion

    Hi I see that the USA versions of the W210 get a 16pin diagnostic port down by the bonnet pull whereas we are left with the 38pin one under the bonnet. I am aware that manufacturers often produce one loom for all functions, so whats involved with converting a 38pin car to a 16pin car - is...
  11. W

    38 pin reading R129 diagnostics

    Hi All, I have done diagnostics on my SL500 and found the below Pin 4, 23 flashes Pin 6, 21 and 30 flashes Pin 7, 1 flash Pin 8, 1 flash Pin 15, on all the time Pin 16, on all the time Pin 17, 1 flash Pin 21, 17, 18,28 and 29 flashes Pin 22 on and 3 (need to double check this one)...
  12. U

    C55 Driver door pin popping up and down?

    As title my drivers door pin has started to pop up and down when i lock the car.. is there anything i can try to remedy this..? or am i looking at a new lock..?
  13. Z

    W212 comand ntg4.5 anti-theft pin code

    I have a problem with my retrofit comand ntg 4.5. I don't have anti-theft pin code. When I start engine screen shows "anti-theft protection activated! Visit workshop..." Can someone give anti-theft pin code or sell for a small fee. My car is w212 my2010
  14. marty359

    13 pin trailer socket

    I loaded up the trailer this morning, hitched it onto my fancy tow bar then went to plug it in and :doh: trailer plug has 7 pins and car socket has 13 pins. The local trailer shop is closed on Sundays so I had to go to Halfords and buy a 13pin to 7 adaptor but the 3 locating pins are wrong...
  15. K

    W126, R107 8 pin ignition EZL module

    I have an 8 pin EZL ignition module suitable for W126 and R107 V8's, tested and verified as working on my own 1989 500SEC. £250 delivered ono
  16. dokalj

    Pin & Connector

    Hi all, Happy New Year. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a supplier of the pin and connector in the picture? Surely there must be a supplier in the UK other than MB? Thanks all.
  17. K

    B class NTG2.5 Navigation Comand needs PIN for deactivation

    Hi, I have chanced dvd player in Mercedes B 170 - 2008, and put original used one B class DVD navigator Comand- Mercedes Benz W169, W245 BZ9811 - A, B class NTG2.5 Navigation Comand - 6 DVD /CD changer, after less than one hour dvd player stoped working and on screen shows " Anti-Theft...
  18. W

    W124 E220 MAF pin wiring colour order

    Hi! Yup,I've rewired my MAF and she's been running miles better. Sadly,I've been silly enough to use the same colour wires when doing the job,taking each piece one by one.A bastid to troubleshoot. So,could anyone tell me which colour wires go to each of the pin numbers on the round socket at...
  19. P

    Rear lights pin holder.

    My 2009 w204 went in for service and MOT, all was good but dealer said both rear lights are burning out the plug holder for the pins. £360 to fix for both sides :eek:. Said will think about it. Quick search on Google showed it as common fault on this model. Appear to be the brown grounding wire...
  20. W

    Can't find 38 pin soceket , help please.

    Can anyone tell me where the 38pin socket for reseting of SRS light is located on my 2004 C270 CDI (W203), also any ideas where the airbag control module is situated, I've locked and locked, either I need Specsavers or I'm looking in the wrong place.
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