1. S

    57 E320CDI dipped headlights pink - what bulbs and whether DIY

    Hi, One of the dipped headlights on my W211 57 E320CDI Saloon turned pink. What is the best bulb to buy - I want it to be as bright as possible and long lastting? Is it a DIY job? What would be the time for the job at a (reasonable) garage? Are the bulbs sensitive to being touched/knocked a...
  2. LTD

    Like Pink Floyd ?

    Pink Floyd ??????? ?????? | It's 24/7 Floyd ............. :bannana:
  3. G

    Pink xenons

    Just noticed one of my xenon headlights has turned pink. No error message on dash. Done a bit of searching and it seems bulb is on way out. Is this a DIY job, just looked under bonnet and not a lot of room, in fact passenger side no room. Its a w221 facelift. Anyone any idea what the dealer is...
  4. B

    Immaculate 1997 C250 in pink!!!

    To be a bit more precise it's a kind of red lilac colour! However my mantra with cars has always been (well after a horrific episode in my early 20s with a BMW 320 several loans taken out for repairs and a visit to scrap dealer) buy the engine first and don't worry about what it's attached to...
  5. Palfrem

    Pink G Wagen anyone?

    Used 2014 Mercedes-Benz G Class G350 BLUETEC for sale in Oxfordshire | Pistonheads No, no, no, no, no.
  6. Reggie-rock

    Pink Mercedes. Factory pink 2003 convertible with only 24,000, great Christmas gift for the wife anyone? Hope the link works as I am still practising this skill.
  7. M

    Pink Xenon Light

    On way home tonight noticed drivers side headlight had gone a deep shade of pink as it reflected off a white car in front. Parked up and checked and sure enough, light is glowing pink. Turned off and off and it starts ul white/blue as normal and quickly fades to pink. Any clues on what it...
  8. Deane x

    Pink bulb holder

    Hi I am after 2 pink bulb holders , I would go to Mercedes but there 20 miles away , any one know where I could order them from
  9. AMGeed

    Pink Floyd fans?

    A new album, the first in 20 years will be released on 10th November. That is on my list of must have's. About | Pink Floyd
  10. developer

    A New Pink Floyd Album

    Yes :thumb:. Pink Floyd to Release First Album in 20 Years
  11. B

    Pink S500

    "Bought as present for my wife but it is unwanted" - wonder why? PMSL. Apparently that paint job cost £4,000. Sorry if already brought to the group's attention - haven't seen a thread on this one
  12. effbee584

    Pink Floyd and Others

    Hi There effbee584, I see you quoted Pink Floyd are you by any chance an admirer of them. Thing is I took all my collection and converted the tracks to MP3`s (some 7 hours) and put them to DVD. My MB has DVD so now its absolute bliss, what a way to go driving the thing I love while listening...
  13. CubbyMK

    Pink C63!!

    With all the recent reported mixups (car colours / seat colours) I really hope this isn't the one I recieve next week... "I'm pretty sure it isn't what I ordered Mr Dealer" Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG in pink in China | - China Auto News
  14. moonloops

    One for the Pink Floyd fans...

    Pink Floyd The Wall: The Movie's 30th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition -- Indiegogo The official photographer from The Wall movie is selling signed artwork/prints to raise funds for an exhibition: "Celebrating the film’s 30th anniversary, Stills Photographer David Appleby presents for the...
  15. A

    a 190E cleaned from pink to Red

    Horribly faded red Mercedes back to vivid red. - - Detailing World - Have to say for me these sorts of details always better. I see little point in the new car details with hundreds of pictures or a year old car cleaned within an inch of its life with hundreds of pictures. Its bound to...
  16. D

    2006 CLK Pink tube?

    Hi Guys, Got a constantly returning fault showing on my display "ESP" and no cruise. Always resets after switch off. Maybe not connected at all but have found a severed pink tube on the N/S/F wing. It runs from the bulkhead down to the headlight area and is broken at that point. Cant find any...
  17. ringway

    Nick Mason's Pink Helmet is Stolen.

    Pink Floyd drummer's home raided Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason's home has been raided by burglars - who stole a pink crash helmet. The 66-year-old rock legend came home to find his garage unlocked in Hampstead, North London. He said: "They took eight helmets. The one that was significant...
  18. flango

    A Pink MB WTF!

    Hi Guys as you have probably picked up I'm currently in Kazakhstan, left the hotel today and could not believe my eyes A pink MB, owner says it was a factory order and has not been re painted but I have never seen one like this.
  19. bigstuff

    420 se in a rare pink colour

    seen on ebay nice car
  20. partsspecialist

    As camp as a row of pink tents

    You have got to be a bit mad to drive this thing! Aparently it used to belong to Robbie Williams (nuf said). :crazy:
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