1. V

    W124 E220 Pinking

    My e220 m111 engine is pinking under light throttle usually when starting to ascend a hill and only seems to do it when the outside temp is 16 + deg.If I back off the throttle it stops but if I accelerate harder it turns into a full blown knocking. The head gasket was replaced two years ago and...
  2. W

    Sprinter 208 "pinking" help needed

    My first post so hopefully in the correct place Recently replaced the fuel leak off valve ? At end of high pressure fuel line and all 4 injectors all was well for first few hundred miles then engine started to make a noise best way I can describe it is a pinking noise at first very low level...
  3. P

    pinking noise

    I have a 2012 B Class W246. The diesel engine, the larger MB sourced motor makes a clattering/pinking noise particularly when it is pulling hard uphill. It sounds like a pinking noise (from when I was driving proper petrol engined vehicles) Should I contact MB or is this normal? It goes...
  4. R

    C250 td engine pinking

    I have never heard of a diesel engine pinking before. Its something i always associated with bad ignition timing on petrol engines or incorrect fuel. The car has been doing it since i have owned it and it seems to be getting worse. Just as the turbo begins to kick in on acceleration between 1500...
  5. pierpp

    350 cdi pinking

    Hi, I have a 2010 E350 cdi coupe that ever since I bought it in April has pinking. I know diesels are not supposed to pink, but when accelerating hard there is a distinct sound. The dealer says the car has all the latest software updates and has now covered 6500 miles. Performance is good and...
  6. Arthur Daley

    W126 Engine Pinking Noise/Fuel Smell

    My W126 engine still pinks on hard acceleration (280SE model) even though the car has just had a good service and the timing set. Now when starting the car after it's been standing there has always been a slight smell of fuel through the heater which goes after a few seconds. I have never really...
  7. E

    Pinking Noise Question?

    Hi all, Just got a C200 K Avantgarde estate Auto 51 plate with 47k full MBSH. When starting her up in the morning there is a noise which sound like Pinking after the car is warm this stops but is noticeable again when driving with the window down or when pressing on. I have had a good look...
  8. iamamanc

    Engine Pinking and Timing Chain

    Hi 94 W124 OM606 non Turbo Got my injectors re-balanced for £25 each, the performance has greatly improved, a lot more pull on hills and is overall a lot more responsive -BUT - It's started nailing (pinking) under 1200 revs. The guy who did them said he had set the pop pressure at 160...
  9. K

    Help needed - Oil Pressure & Pinking on new Cosworth engine

    Hi forum, Its my first post and i hope you will be able to help me. I am the owner of a 1990 190E 2.5-16v. Very recently i had the complete engine rebuilt, so thats new valves, pistons, seals, chain etc, etc. Since the rebuild i get pinking or pinging under acceleration. Its like a metallic...
  10. C


    my clk 320 has develloped a ticking perhaps pinking noise from the rear right hand side of the engine bay when put under load ie accelerate from low speeds anyone had this it seems to be getting gradually worse
  11. R


    My car had been developing what I thought was an exhaust rattle, so I took it to an exhaust place who tightened everything up and confirmed that they thought it was Pinking. For those who are new to here, my car was rolling road tuned by Sanspeed who superchipped it to the nth degree while it...
  12. J

    Pinking noise

    Hi all, Recently purchase a 97' C200 estate and I love it! There is a tinkling noise that sounds a bit like pinking but can only heard if you listen carefully under hard acceleration. I changed the air filter and plugs recently and if anything I would say it was running a bit rich - fitting...
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