1. 1

    W639 Door actuator pinout

    Got a non locking door actuator and need to get plate or actuator pinout to see whats going on. Anybody have info?
  2. Kingpin!

    Pinout for COMAND APS NTG2

    Hi, forum! Does anybody have the pin configuration for COMAND APS NTG2? I need to hook up the unit on the workbench to verify that it works (was working when pulled though). Don't want to hook up more than necessary (+12V & ground?) if possible. Thanks!
  3. X

    w204 headlight pinout

    :wallbash: Hi could someone please help, I require a headlight pinout, just need to know which wires go to where or if possible where I could get a diagram relating to wires thank you :wallbash:
  4. M

    Help with C270 ECU location and pinout for EGR Shunt

    Good Morning, I can see much has been written about the EGR system, but I cant find specifics to help me fit the EGR shunt to my C270 W203 model, I built the circuit provided by "Diesel Man" Can anyone help with a pinout of the ECU wiring?? I'm not even sure im looking at the ECU (top...
  5. L

    1995 w202 diagnostic socket pinout

    Hello i wonder if anyone have pinout diagram of the diagnostic socket on a w202 1995 C180? got a issue with connecting my star machine it does not react when i turn on the ignition on this car the machine works just fine with the other cars so that is not the problem :) Lars
  6. M

    iPhone Cradle Pinout

    Hi All, I'm planning on trying a spot of DIY iPhone 4 integration using an iPhone 3G cradle that's already fitted to my MY08 W211 with COMAND and and Aux input. I'll reveal all if my plan works (!) but was wondering if anyone knows the pinout for the Media Interface cable that comes off the...
  7. Q

    comand power pin-out help please

    Can anyone let me know the pin-out connections on the power connector for a comand unit in a 2002 W203 please? A diagram would be great. I want to check these before I fit a BuryCrystal...
  8. R

    Pinout for Audio 20

    Does anyone have the pin assignments for the connectors on the back of an Audio 20 HU? It's fitted to a late 2007 w203. I'm particularly interested in connecting to the aux input. Thanks
  9. Y

    OBD Connector Pinout

    Hi all. Could someone tell me the pinout of the OBD-II connector of my car? It's a W209 and the pins used are: 1,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,12,15,16 I know what pins 2,4,5,6,7,10,14,15 and 16 are. Pin 2 - J1850 Bus+ Pin 4 - Chassis Ground Pin 5 - Signal Ground Pin 6 - CAN High (J-2284) Pin 7...
  10. M

    UHI conversion pinout for D2B (W220 example)

    I have a W220 and W203 conversion to make into UHI. Can you share with me the pin location of the wires from 10pin RJ header to 10pin AMP connector. I purchased over the weekend the part numbers for the connectors used in the UHI harness joiner inside the armrest. 001 545 59 40 housing...
  11. M

    W203 Audio 10 pinout ?

    Just for reference purpose, in case I ever want to remove comand and make it generic Audio 10 radio again. Please remind me where the pinout for Connector C :cool: can be located. I expect that A and B does not vary. Is that also correct? :confused:
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