1. estate-agent

    All ECU pinouts for CLK 270

    As above, anyone have a diagram of pinouts for CLK270 CDI ? Can't seem to find info anywhere ! Thanks in advance. .
  2. G

    cl500 motronic 2.8 pinouts....

    I didnt know where to put this thread but has anybody got a pinout diagram of the ecu connector with such as grounds, canbus etc on it that they can send me or post up? examples of what im after are: thanks in advance Alex
  3. zenman63

    UHI Pinouts

    Ok I have this short harness, plug number 168 545 43 28 8 pin with twisted pairs 1 Green & Blue 2 Red & White 3 Blue & White 4 Black & White 5 Green & White 6 Blue & Green 7 Red 8 Blue 9 Black 10 Green Any help please, I want 12v and ground, I think...
  4. gIzzE

    Pinouts - pre 2009 Audio20 vs Post 2009 Audio20????

    Has any one got the pinouts for the two units?? Been offered a newer Audio 20 to borrow and would rather swap the pins on the OEM harness then stick an adapter cable in. Thanks. :thumb:
  5. M

    N10 pinouts

    Would anyone have a wiring diagram of the above please so my nice neighbour can take it apart and check it for me:D
  6. PJayUK

    Comand 2.5 pinouts (constant +12V)

    Does anybody know where I can pick up a constant live on the back of a comand 2.5 unit? according to the diagram I have its pin 5 block A, but this seems to be CANBUS controlled and shuts off after about 20 minutes. Confused to say the least would anybody have any ideas?:crazy:
  7. W

    Audio 20 pinouts in W211

    Hi there Does anyone have the pinouts for the Audio 20 stereo that is in my W211? The reason for asking is that I wish to install a Nokia bluetooth carkit and have it mute and pass the sound through the stereo's speakers. Apparantly as this is the basic model of stereo I can do this. So, I...
  8. M

    TV tuner connector pinouts (pre-MOST)

    I recently looked at the pre-wire setup in a W220 and realised that there are several connections in the analog TV tuner that I know nothing about. It has connector A, B, C like a radio and so far I only know 4 of the pins on connector A. Anyone out there have a diagram ?
  9. A

    209/203 stereo code and pinouts

    Following on from my recent query about wiring my gps receiver in permanently, I have found that I can get a permanent (i.e not switched on by the ignition) feed from pins 30 and 31 of the stereo harness. Before I do this however can anyone confirm whether or not these units are pin coded as I...
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