1. AngryDog

    Brembo Brake Pins

    Can I only get these from MB or is there another source? I do not know what condition mine will be in, so for the sake of not having the car stuck for a few days I might as well get new pins. Cheers.
  2. S

    Has anyone found the right grease for Slider pins with rubber bushes?

    Most seem to be "fake" silicone as the carrier is mineral oil based!! So no good for Brake Calliper Slider or Guide pin's rubber bushes. Or others have a Lithium base .... which some say is mineral oil based with added Lithium to make it more slippery. Ideally something that is sold in sub...
  3. AndrewOl

    X164 Door Pins

    Hi, Looking to replace nasty plastic pins om 2006 GL. Any ideas other than ridiculous £100 AMG ones? thanks Andy
  4. R

    Brake Caliper pins stuck - E55 AMG

    Hi, I've been trying to do the front brake disks and pads on my E55. I've done this job on many cars before but I've been beaten by the caliper pins. I've been hitting them with a drift but they seem corroded on the inside. I was hitting with a drift but the pin heads are starting to...
  5. G

    Door lock pins

    Door lock pins.... good idea to replace plastic ones to chrome/carbon fibre ones?
  6. D

    Brembo Pins W203 Sports

    I last year changed my rear brake pads was hard getting the pins out. For the front caliphers one of the pins seems seized in the calipher, what ways can I try to get it out? If I cannot get it out will replacing the caliper be the solution. Thanks in advance!
  7. Pathewolf

    Finally changed my door lock pins!

    Probably should have gone for the AMG originals but choked at paying £80 :( These were only £20 for the set and look fine to me ;)
  8. J

    Removing brake pins ?

    I had a look at the brakes on my CLS 500 yesterday and decided that I will leave the pads a bit longer as they had 8 mm one side and 10mm the other, part of the reason is that the pins didnt seem too keen on coming out, if there a knack to getting them out, didnt want to muller them so just...
  9. vijilants

    W202 Rear Caliper genuine retainer springs and pins

    For Sale... W202 Class rear caliper (single pin type) retainer springs and pins. I have two genuine spring clips and two pins, brand new ....were originally purchased for my C230K. Part numbers.. A001 991 4360 (pins) A000 421 6591 (Springs) £10 the lot plus £5 p&p
  10. mickday

    S211 E55k how to remove front calliper pins?

    I am having a lot of problems removing pad retaining pins from my front calipers had not originally ordered replacement pins so decided to order some before I finish the job I spent over half an hour and only managed to remove one by hitting with punch on end with large hammer but could not...
  11. S

    Door Pins

    I have a nice new set of MB chrome door lock pins ( the ones that pop up through the interior door card) and I want to replace the cheap black plastic ones the car came with. whats the trick to replacing them? to they just simply unscrew? Thanks x
  12. P

    1997 R129 - are brake pad retaining pins really discontinued already?

    Hi, I've tried to purchase via the main eBay vendors, Eurocarparts and finally the main dealer the two pins that hold the front calliper pads in place. None main dealer parts are for the later 1998 onwards cars fitted with larger front discs. So useless for my car. The main dealer described...
  13. D

    Audio 20 pins for Aux

    I bought an aux plug to fit in the rear of my audio 20 for an aux input... but for 1 it doesnt fit as the grooves on the plug dont line up with the radio input , but i can take the plug apart leaving a small square plug that i can push on either way up...hence 6 and 12 or the opposite side. On...
  14. M

    W211 E55 AMG brake pads and caliper pins

    Went to main dealers yesterday and they want £186 for front pads. I am not paying that. ECP and mister auto have pagid, brembo and febi bilstein. Which ones should I buy? Also should I buy new caliper pinsas the main dealers said mine would be knackered
  15. M

    Door pins

    I've ordered a w205 C63 S for delivery in May. On my current w204 C63 I had the door lock pins replaced with metal AMG ones before I picked it up so I don't have the old plastic pins... Three questions if anyone knows, can I buy replacement plastic ones from somewhere? Would they be easy to...
  16. P

    Does my car have sliding caliper pins?

    I have a W209 CLK 320 Convertible **********. Does this car have sliding caliper pins? IIRC, I just undo the bolts when changing the discs and pas, I cant remember pulling sliders out? Can anyone help? Thanks
  17. B

    w203 brake caliper pins

    Hi. Does anyone know the part number for the front brake caliper pins, 2006 w203 180k. Also are these dealer only as I cannot see then on motor factors sites.
  18. E240estate

    Anyone know pins on W211 lighting switch?

    Trying to locate the pin on the s211 light switch which controls the rear fog light. Need to pick up a signal from this for trailer wiring. Not possible to get one from inside the tailgate as wiring too difficult. Got the rest of the connections sorted just need this one. Thanks in...
  19. L

    Carlsson Door Pins

    found these in my draw £35 posted. cheers Carlsson UK : Mercedes Benz, Smart, McLaren
  20. developer

    Chrome Door Pins

    Has anyone bought some off Ebay, and are they any good? If so, where from? Gen AMG ones are £40 each :eek:.
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