1. A

    Pioneer AVIC F80-DAB losing GPS

    Hi All I've had a Pioneer AVIC F80DAB unit installed in my CLS for the last 6 months and every few days it completely loses GPS signal. The guy that fitted it didn't wire up the speed pulse sensor wire, and the place where I bought the unit reckon thats the issue. Does anyone know where...
  2. 2

    Aftermarket Sound System for 2003 CLK (C209)

    Any suggestions on a Pioneer head unit that will allow me to use all 7 speakers I can place in my 2003 CLK (2 tweeters + 2 front + 2 rear + 1 subwoofer) or at least 5 speakers (2 front + 2 rear + 1 subwoofer)? I'm not looking for something very expensive or very cheap and I would like a nice...
  3. K

    W208 steering control with Pioneer Head Unit Question

    Hi all, this weekend, i have fitted a Pioneer AVIC 910bt double din headunit in my W208. ( I have purchased a steering control unit for the W208 from ebay) and have all Steering wheel controls working apart from Answer call, the headunit is BT so I expect it to work I can answer from the...
  4. gadget1960

    pioneer usb head unit in a w210

    Hi all, hope you can help me with this install before I start it. I have just purchased a pioneer MVH-160UI USB/tuner head unit that I would like to install in my w210 in place of my standard MB cd unit. My question is this ... will this unit be compatible with all the MB electrics without...
  5. I

    No power to Pioneer head unit

    Hi all, I hooked up my head unit yesterday using the connects2 kit and I couldn't get it to power up. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards,
  6. B

    Pioneer SPH DA 120

    Wondering if anybody has this head unit installed in their Mercedes in place of the factory equipment? It seems like it will be cheaper to install this than to get the modifications to get telephone installed. I know the factory kit is great, except it's 10 year old technology, and will...
  7. N

    Pioneer AppRadio

    Hey guys. I am looking for a head unit upgrade for my w169 to work pretty much just with my phone (nexus5). I mainly listen to podcasts, internet radio and Spotify in the car, so having 6 CD changer etc is just not needed. So I went to Halfrauds today to buy some stuff and started to have a...
  8. T

    Pioneer SATNAV

    Hi Just replaced the Comand 2.0 with fibre optic Amplifier with a Pioneer Avic F960BT SATNAV. Although not able to use the existing Amplifier/ subwoofer, the guy who fitted it wired the door speakers (Harman Kardon) up directly to the Pioneer which has an amplifier in it anyway, the sound...
  9. V

    Vito w639 stereo adapter for Pioneer double din headunit

    Hello, seen few different adapters but not sure what to go for :confused: it's a 2009 with ntg command satnav, i have a Pioneer F10bt head unit with standard iso connector and a input for a wired remote control 3.5mm phono type, i would like as much integration as possible including...
  10. C

    W203 Stalk Adapter for Pioneer unit

    Looking to fit a double din pioneer into my W203 04, pre face lift I've seen a few can units to adapt the steering wheel controls to do volume seek etc, but as the headunit has bluetooth telephone handfree is there a can box out there that also supports the telephone buttons.
  11. W

    Pioneer DA-110 App Radio

    Hey All, I'm thinking of installing one of these, having searched the forums a bit i can see a couple of people have put them in, however very few actual reviews of what it is like. Has anyone got one, is it any good? Thanks in advance. Wes
  12. GSD

    Pioneer AVH-P5100 Single DIN CD/DVD Player

    Selling as I recently converted my 210 to a double din setup. Great piece of kit for the price and in excellent condition. Pioneer AVH-P5100 Radio/CD/DVD Player Screen Monitor 4977729944419 | eBay?
  13. Merty

    Installing a pioneer or kenwood

    Hi guys I want to install a pioneer touchscreen app radio to my merc . My question is would it still function with the steering wheel button for on call and off ...
  14. gIzzE

    Pioneer X3500DAB double din app radio with DAB+

    I am upgrading to the Pioneer 950dab unit as I am moving to an Android phone so want Nav built in. I have the unit along with the Pioneer cable so you can use the iPhone in App mode, ie for traffic, google, audio streaming and nav. It is all boxed and mint condition. Purchased about...
  15. mikeyodowd

    W209 with audio 10 replaced with pioneer HU

    Can anyone tell me what i need to get my radio back working. i have a 2004 w209 clk with audio 10 head unit. I recently upgraded to pioneer avic-f900bt. on my audio 10 there seems to be both fakra connector and a din aerial connector. I have tried connecting both and they have very poor...
  16. Lenny63

    Pioneer DEH-P77MP HU & Pioneer IB-100 Ipod connection

    Pioneer DEH-P77MP Radio / CD Player If design is your mantra, you 'll find yourself taking a second look at this elegant headunit. The ideal combination of function and form, this aluminium-plated CD tuner with a striking bright white dot matrix LED display features an ergonomic user...
  17. M

    Removal of a pioneer DEH 30MP

    Does any member know how to remove a Pioneer DEH radio CD from a 1995 C180 For security the front of it unclips etc. There is no slots for special tools Its got me baffled Many Thanks
  18. M

    Pioneer steering wheel adaptor for W210

    Hi everyone, new here ... and I had a question I was hoping someone could answer. I have a W210 (E200 Elegance automatic), X reg. Fed up of the inability of the stock Audio 10 CD unit to play CD-Rs, I recently purchased a new Pioneer head unit (DEH-X6500DAB) to replace it. I don't see fitting...
  19. R

    Pioneer Appradio

    Morning, Has anyone got/ experienced one of the above? Looking at the SPH-DA100 with medium interest. One fact I'd like to know is whether the AM radio extends to LW (for test match special purposes). Thanks in advance
  20. gIzzE

    Fitted Pioneer Appradio 2 today.....

    I sold my E350 estate last week as I couldn't get on with it, and picked up an older C220cdi estate, first thing was to fit bluetooth, so decided to go with Pioneer Appradio 2. £350 all in, not bad for a better radio, parrot bluetooth, ipod control, google, sat nav etc. including fascia and...
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