1. S

    W209 Clk55 Decat pipes or pipe diameter

    Hi folks I'm the happy new owner of a 2003 Clk55,and looking to remove the secondery cats, leaving everything else stock, original single AMG rear box . Ideally someone will point me in the direction of decat pipe kit, or alternatively give me the original pipe outside diameter so i can cut...
  2. C

    Replacing brake pipes

    Hi all, I'm new here so hoping for some help. My 2005 E class W211 320cdi with SBC braking system has failed its mot on corroded brake pipes, my question is does the car need to be plugged into a diagnostic PC to bleed the system after the pipes have been replaced or can this system be bled in...
  3. M

    C63 style pipes on c250 cgi

    Anyone install c63 style pipes on a c250 cgi (petrol version) or similar Does it leave the car loud? Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  4. S

    SL500 (2003, R230): Copper brake pipes

    I'm having some work done by an M-B dealership and in the usual way they've carried out a 'visual health check'. The technician has commented: 'Copper pipes fitted to sbc'. The pipes were fitted last year year by a superb indie and as far as I know there's no reason why they shouldn't be...
  5. E

    S211 Gearbox Oil Cooler Pipes

    Evening all, Long time reader, first time poster. Spent a lot of time browsing the forums prior to buying my first MB, and became the proud owner of an '04 S211 E320 a few months back. The car is brilliant, but over the last month I noticed a vibration under load, which thanks to this...
  6. B

    2007 C320 cdi Corroded brake pipes

    the rear brake pipes are corroded at the wheelarch and need replacing. MB quoted over £500 to do the job. Silly money. So anyone done the rear pipes on this car to give me an idea as to what goes where. The off side pipe runs from the flexible at the arch across the body to the near side arch...
  7. C

    help identifying these pipes

    hello, while changing the IC pump on the CLS, i noticed a couple of pipes that had quite a bit of corrosion on them, so id like to replace them, I know its just a snap shot, but I dont suppose anyone can identify what they are/their purpose? Thanks Chris
  8. ray d

    Slk 55 r172 exhaust down pipes

    I am selling 2 down pipes with the secondary cats removed but the work cannot be seen when on the car to keep Mr MOT man from seeing anything. pipes have 21k on them. Came off a 2012 R172. It means you have the originals for the car encase emission rules get tighter in the future. Easy to fit as...
  9. H

    MSL - New pipes and remap

    Took "Agatha" into MSL last week for a full IPE exhaust, filters and remap. Really pleased with the results, and the guys they have there are brilliant. The exhaust is for the CLS63 so required some fabrication work to get it to fit - more than they initially anticpated- but the guys stopped in...
  10. ivandraganov

    Corroded brake pipes

    Hi everyone,have corroded rear brake pipes on the Sprinter,what's the best way to sort them out?
  11. D

    w203 brake pipes

    hi guys anyone know where i can buy the brake pipes from? had a look on ECP and GFS but can't find anything on their website cheers
  12. S

    C63 front pipes and cats.

    C63 exhaust front section, taken from a 2010 saloon with around 19000 miles on it when removed, it is in very good condition. I bought a spare exhaust so that I could de cat it, the car has now been sold. This exhaust is completely standard, it can be collected from Pontefract in West Yorkshire...
  13. ray d

    Trying to get down pipes for slk 55 (r172)

    Hi all, am trying to get the noise out of my car that I know is in there. Was trying to tinker with the rear box butterflys but have given up on that so want to decat the front section (should have been doing this from the start). I dont want to use the existing pipes encase I want to put it...
  14. S

    C63 Milltek secondary cat replacement pipes

    Can anyone tell me whether the Milltek secondary cat replacement pipes are bolt on or do they require cutting and welding as I don't want to start cutting up my standard system if it can't be easily swapped back TIA
  15. BIG_G_1979

    w211 e280cdi sport tail pipes

    Guys my oem tail pipes are pitted and I wanted to remove them either to replace or refurbish but I cannot removed them I heard somewhere that these are welded on? Anyone any advice? Thanks Picture of tailpipes http://s1074.photobucket.com/user/garethbevan59/media/DSC_0229_zpsv6dwxhxa.jpg.html
  16. legonutter

    w203 boost pipes

    hi i have a w203 c270 cdi and the plastic pipe that comes out the turbo and conects to the rubber hose has broken in such a way that the hose wont remain seated in the pipe. :wallbash: this is a 2nd hand replacement i aquired from a breakers dose anyone know of any new-old stock or oem parts...
  17. T

    Retro Fit Quad Tail pipes for 2009 C280

    I am thinking of replacing the my twin tail pipes on my 2009 C280 for quad set up, like the C63. What is involved and roughly how much would it cost?
  18. E

    Corroded Brake pipes on s211 with senso tronic brakes

    Hi, I've just had me Merc e class in for an MOT and it has failed on excessive corroded brake pipes! I've asked the garage to have a look provide me with a price but and I'm wondering whether it involves more work or whether there's a set procedure baring in mind it's got SBC brakes. Thanks in...
  19. T

    220cdi lack of power - not boost pipes

    Car is in limp home mode - no warnings on dash, there is a whoosing from behind the turbo so i've had the undertrays off and the joint below the cat is blowing. It looks like the clamp (A000 993 24 15) is pretty tight and i assume that after looking at images of the clamp the spring part is for...
  20. Abb

    Can I fit ML63 tail pipes to a ML350?

    I am looking to potentially fit some parts from a ML63 to my ML350, as I prefer the look of the 63. It was practicality which made sense for me to buy the 350. Does anybody know if I can fit quad tail pipes to a 350 or does the floorpan not lend itself to the pipework which I would require to...
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