1. Bobby Dazzler

    Visited Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) in Burton-upon-Trent

    The tyres on the car I use for work we're getting a little low so I've been watching prices for a while. I was torn between going for another set of Pirelli P ZERO or switching to Continental or Michelin. I'd heard about the PPC in Burton, but hadn't realised it was open to the public. It's...
  2. N

    Pirelli p zero tyres

    Hey all, Before I traded in my old car (2013 e class) I recently bought a brand new set of Pirelli p zero's. The standard size tyres for 18'. Had my eye set on a c63 with 18 rims and thought I may aswell keep them so I have a set of tyres handy. I ended up getting a better spec'd one with the...
  3. D

    New Classic Mercedes Tyre from Pirelli - The Cinturato CN36 205/70VR14

    Hi What prompted me to post this, is that i was reading Classic Mercedes magazine and i noticed that the spare wheel in a 280SL they were featuring had the 205/70WR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 | Longstone Tyres fitted to the spare wheel. Fortunately Pirelli Have just re made these tyres for us...
  4. D

    New Production of Pirelli Cinturato CN36 205/70VR14 Classic Mercedes Tyres

    Hi I just saw an article in Classic Mercedes magazine aabout the 280SL which has a tyre on it's spare that they are speculating could be an original tyre. the good news is we have just had them re produced by Pirelli 205/70WR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 | Longstone Tyres
  5. roman82

    Tyres Pirelli r20

    Just do garage clearance: 2 tyres Pirelli brand new 255.35.20 never used can sell for half price 90£ each. Bcz my car with r20 now sold so no NEDED any more.
  6. Jessiedog

    Pirelli P Zero 265 35 18

    Looking for a 7m + tyre if anyone has one.
  7. D

    New classic Mercedes tyre from Pirelli

    Hi Pirelli are working hard on improving their classic tyre range by re introiducing some of the famous Cinturato tyres and they have reintroduced this one 205/70WR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36 | Longstone Tyres which is very much a size that was used by the to Mercedes of the '70s and '80s...
  8. D

    STOP THE PRESS!!!!! - - - - NEW Tyres from Pirelli - CINTURATO 205/70VR14 CN36

    Hi i know the Michelin XWX is brilliant, but for years it has been the only choice in the size 205/70VR14. everything else in that size you wouldn't consider for these cars as you need something goods. Here is the Good news Pirelli have just re made the 1971 W rated 205/70R14 Cinturato...
  9. J

    Pirelli Tyres

    Hi everyone, I'll be looking for some new tyres soon. Anyone running these tyres... Pirelli Scorpion Verde XL 235/65 R17 108V? Would love to read your feedback. Thinking about fitting them on my ML W163. TIA
  10. Paul-NI

    Pirelli P Zero + All Season

    Has anyone any experience of these? seem to come in the awkward 245/40/17 size :) Thanks Paul.
  11. M

    8 hole wheels with pirelli rubber £135

    8 hole wheels no longer needed. looking for some 18 inch monos. still on car and in use but i have steels ready to put on if i don't find the amgs before the sale of these happens. can post if needed £135
  12. L

    8mm tread pirelli p zero 285 30 19 & 255 35 r19 tyres c63 e63 cls 63 amg mo tyres

    A set of 4 pirelli p zero amg tyres as new 8mm tread have only covered 1000 miles then replaced for continentals no repairs punchers damage whatsoever these would cost £1000 from the dealers £450 for the 4 can split of required please call 07971 362225 for more info
  13. D

    For Sale: W/S211 20" Genuine Brabus Monoblock S Alloys With Pirelli P-Zeros

    Fitted to my S211 E55 (may fit others), here's a few pics: Front tyres have around 6mm of tread and the rears 4-5mm. These wheels retail at circa £6000 without tyres, I'm looking for £1400 but as they are such a rare wheel and hard to get a true value then I am open to sensible...
  14. c_200k

    Pirelli P Zero tyres about half used.

    Just took these off my E63 255/35/19 96Y XL MO 285/30/19 98Y XL MO I'll get tread depths next couple of days one of the fronts has a puncture repair £250+PP
  15. C

    255/35R18 Y 94 Pirelli P Zero *MO* x2 for sale

    Hi Guys, As i have 2 Brand new pirelli p zero *MO* for sale. they retail at no less than £120 - £150 each. Im looking at £190 for the pair collected from with this east midlands. They are brand new and never been used. Its my first post on here however I wouldnt know where to try to sell...
  16. abecketts

    Pirelli P7 tyre mileage

    Just ordered 2 replacements for the rear tyres on our E240 estate, I just looked to see what mileage they were changed at and they have done 21,000 miles and have just over 4mm of tread left. Seems good value to me.
  17. R

    X2 255/40/18 Pirelli Asimmetrico tyres 6mm

    X2 255/40/18 Pirelli Pzero Asimmetrico tyres 6mm Very good condition, tyres have no damage, no punture repairs and no cracks. Pics to follow if required £100 for the pair
  18. M

    2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres (255/35/18) ALL SEASON

    Brand New 2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres 255/35 R18 94H - Rated for ALL Season. MO - Mercedes Original Never fitted to car. Price is for a pair. Collection only or arrange your own courier. From East London / Essex area. £175! Thanks Photo:
  19. A

    Pair 255/35/18 Kumho & Pair 255/40/18 Pirelli P Zero

    Hi guys got the following going spare Pair of 255/35/18 Kumho Ecsta KU19's First tyre has just under 5mm tread all the way across. Second tyre varies between 4-5mm across. No punctures, bulges or repairs. After £80 for the pair collected. Second set Pair of 255/40/18 Pirelli P Zero Rosso...
  20. A

    2x Pirelli P Zero Rosso 255/40/18 4mm

    Hi guys, these came on my SL55 turbines but are too big for the CLK. Both have around 4mm and are in good condition without any damage to the sidewalls etc or puncture repairs. They held air fine while mounted to the wheels etc. I'm after £80 collected from Ilford Essex. Kind...
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