1. ACID

    M113K Forged Pistons Arrived today

    The Weistec Engineering M113K Forged Pistons were designed and manufactured to address the weaknesses of the OEM M113K pistons. Our 2618-T61 forged pistons feature larger ring lands, improved piston dish, skirts, and wristpin mounting while still weighing less than the OEM pistons. Stronger yet...
  2. jamesfuller

    Pistons & Props show 28-29th Sep

    This is a classic car, bike and aviation show and you will see some of them in action. It will be held at Sywell Aerodrome Northamptonshire. A fantastic location with a very good restraunt. Its well worth a visit. I shall attend on Sunday, if you see me (smoke silver w126) come and say...
  3. J

    cracked pistons on 2001 316 CDI

    My 2001 Sprinter broke down and oil came up the dipstick and emptyed the engine. We took it to a professional engine building company who upon taking the engine apart ahve discovered all 5 pistons are cracked and piston number one has cracked so badly that there is a hole hence the ooil pressure...
  4. franey

    Engines or pistons wanted. OM604

    As per title if anyone has by the slimmest of chances got one / two of the old 220 diesel engines from the W202 or W210 non turbo 220d or pistons, for a project thanks.
  5. J

    Flat top pistons

    Is it a good idea? should i shave the head aswell? I have a 300 CE 24 1990. Straight 6 . Please let me know your thoughts.:D
  6. S

    Sprinter 311 oil leaking through dipstick

    Hi all We're new to this and looking for some advice please. 2007 sprinter 311 cdi lwb, started leaking oil smoke etc. Called green flag, taken to garage who advised the dipstick was loose and oil leaking up through that. Advised to replace dipstick. Ordered new dipstick from mb...
  7. N

    Swapping my C43 calipers to C32 4 pistons!

    I know this topic has been discussed before but I am just curious about? If this mod is worth doing or not? My friend wants to sell me a set of front calipers but I am not sure if I will get any improvement in braking? Only improvement is the visual looks! So is it worth doing this...
  8. jaymanek

    No Pistons?

    Saw the advert and tv and thought- you what?? Mazdas weird engine
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