1. clk320x

    Tesco car park = football pitch

    Wtf Since when has Tesco car park been a football pitch? Was just driving off and football gets booted at Mach 10 into the side of my car :doh: A few showroom fresh 17 plates parked around there too Thankfully no damage I could see, I mean it's only a ball but I mean the guy has such a good...
  2. Kevlaar

    High pitch squeal from n/s front, disappears under braking

    Hi all, Recently purchased my W211 04 E Class, and it has just developed a "squealing" when driving between 0-25mph which disappears when braking. I've done a little bit of research and a couple people have suggested that it could either be the retainer spring out of place and ever so...
  3. lfckeeper

    High pitch screch with wheel rotation

    Part 263 of has anyone got any advice..... So I started hearing a high pitch (metal on metal?) noise from the nearside of the car but only when the wheels rotate .. Its something to do with the parking brake, i know this because I've applied the parking brake and released and its gone away...
  4. O

    High pitch noise when heating is on - B(200) Class Auto 2010 reg

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can advice on this problem I have with my B Class. Every time I turn the heating on, I can hear a high pitch noise in addition to the engine sound. Temperature seems to be fine. I have no clue what it is.... Anyone has any idea please? Thanks
  5. design guru

    The perfect sales pitch

    MERCEDES ZEBRANO W126 WOOD AUTOMATIC SHIFT KNOB on eBay (end time 16-Sep-09 15:18:48 BST)
  6. Chattonmill

    Heavy Roller for cricket pitch!

    A bit of a bizarre request, but if you dont ask.......! I run the local cricket club, after last years floods we are now without our Pitch roller. So if anyone has one/knows of one sitting and doing nothing then I am definately interested. I have seen the awesome power of the members on this...
  7. B

    Hi Pitch turbo squeel

    Evening all, There is a high pitch squeel coming from my turbo (C250td) when you get a bit overly excited with the loud pedal. It doesnt happen all of the time but when it does it is annoying. It normally satrts at about 2000-2500rpm up to about 4500rpm. It is definatly not the fan belt, as...
  8. M

    pitch circle diameter?

    ive recently bought a set of wheels with a PCD of 114.3, but my PCD on my W202 is 112, how can i change this so that the wheels will fit my car? any adaptors etc available?
  9. K

    High Pitch Noise at Speed

    I have a 1998 C280 with ~85K miles on it. I'm getting this high pitched whining noise at speed (45MPH). It's not very loud but it's noticeable and it will go away over 48 MPH or so. Recently, the high pitched noise is now occuring between the 45-50MPH range. I'm afraid it might be a bearing...
  10. Z

    Change in pitch of engine sound

    Hi, I recently got my car back from Mercedes. They fixed two problems: 1) Mainly when pulling off from a hill the car would make a clicking sound - they said that the differential is attached to the body and it has some plates behind it, one of which was loose and moving so they tigthened...
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