1. M

    High pitched noise, when driving over 60mph

    Hi everyone out there, Does anyone have any words of wisdom please? Driving along M1, then onto M25 the car started making high pitched noise once over 60mph. It is a 2008 reg, therefore it still has timing chain as opposed to belt. Performance wise, no problems and no warnings or codes...
  2. K

    Annoying high pitched whirring.

    I've got a 2008 S320 CDI. Everything is fine with it and it drives really quietly except when I'm turning right for anything over a second. When I do, there is a quiet high pitched squealing coming from the passenger side air vent area. Not very loud but annoying. The previous owner said...
  3. pcthrillrider

    high pitched whine noise

    hi all my CLK200 2005 has a high pitched whine when cold it starts at about 2200rpm and is bad at 2800rpm cant hear it much when engine is warm i have changed the idler pulley tensioner pulley new belt new water pump but still whines, should there be oil in the wideband silencer?
  4. fatdazza

    Air Con / Heater Fan - high pitched whine at number 4.5

    Hi all, My 2005 W203 has developed an annoying very high pitched whine when the heater / air con fan is at a certain speed. It is not a loud whine but is at an annoying high frequency. It appears to be coming from the front passenger footwell. It only starts when the fan has reached a...
  5. Y

    slight high pitched squeak

    hey, getting a high pitched squeak or grinding noise when moving from 2nd gear to 3rd gear in high end revs 2.5k+ Sounds like the clutch plate is slightly out, but im no mechanic so would anyone be able to tell me what this is?
  6. cplnoonoo

    W203 air con high pitched whistling

    When using the heater on auto setting and using it to warm up the car it seems to be emitting a high pitched whistle kind of like an old kettle boiling on the hob. Its quite irritating given the frequency of the whistle as it goes right through you. Does anybody have any ideas as to what this...
  7. T

    loud high pitched ringing

    hi everyone i am new to the club, i have a problem with my ml270cdi when on idle there is a loud high pitched ringing/sqealing noise not like a slipping belt though. It only makes this noise on idle once you pick the revs up it sounds fine, any help would be appreciated.
  8. BenzComander

    High pitched whine

    Car has just developed a high-pitched whine, which gets louder as the throttle pedal is pushed. There is no noise while it is idling, or when cruising on a light throttle. Noise is definitely coming from the front of the car, so I am concerned it is gearbox related:mad: All gears select...
  9. G

    High Pitched Noise from Engine

    I have a two month old C220CDI which has about 3000 miles on the clock. Over the past month, I've noticed a high pitched kind of whine / squeal coming from the engine. It's not that loud, but it's loud enough that you can hear it while driving and it's starting to get a bit irritating. Most...
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