1. 55NF

    E350 W212 19" Wheels Dicoloured & Pitted!

    I collected my W212 E Class from the main Mercedes dealer 8 weeks ago. It was pristine including the wheels. Cleaned it today & the wheels have become discoloured over 1500 miles & they're pitted. Black marks & spots will not clean off. They've obviously been refurbed, but it is poor job that...
  2. C

    Pitted Wheel Caps

    The two front wheel caps on the car keep on pitting (think that is the best way to describe it). Got them swapped under warranty a few months ago as really they should last more than 12 months, but they have 'gone again'. My question is twofold.. This normal? Anybody know exactly what...
  3. T

    Cl63 pitted brakes

    I've just bought a Cl63 AMG 2007, IT'S COVERED 10000 MILES . AFTER HAVING A b SERVICE AT mERC THEY TELL ME IT NEED NEW DISCS ALL ROUND AND MERC ARE NOT WILLING TO HELP. COST APPROX £3500 FOR PARTS ! Has anyone else had similar problem or no of good source of parts ???
  4. J

    Pitted Engine Block 190e 1993 1.8 Auto

    all right, I've got a 190e 1.8 auto that's leaking oil into the water cooling system, took head off as was sure was head gasket that had gone, it had but unfortunately this has caused corrosion to the block, worse pitting is about 0.25mm deap, cylinder head is pretty much spot on. anyone got...
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