1. Dieselman

    Rapid Pizza delivery

    Last night I was traveling North on the M1 and saw a Pizza delivery scooter adorned with L plates, stopped on the hard shoulder with a Police 5 series. Maybe the Coppers were peckish. :dk:
  2. crockers

    Ordering a Pizza??

    Look what the future holds when you Order a Pizza :ban::ban::ban::ban::ban:
  3. robert.saunders

    Pizza Express 2for1 Deal - 'til 7 Dec 08 Slightly improved over my last posted offer which was PizzaHut!
  4. robert.saunders

    Pizza Hut deal - 50% off

    Not really my cup of tea, but at 50% off worth a look for a pre-movie snack etc. Valid to 5 October 2008
  5. KLP 92

    I'm well pi$$ed off with PIZZA HUT

    You have to read this to believe it. Sitting at home this evening with the family and decided to order some food from Pizza Hut. 45 minutes later my order finally arrived! Anyways to cut a very long story short, the nachos that were delievered were extremely soggy, to the point if you...
  6. wallingd

    Domino's Pizza.

    Don't ever go here. They búgger up ur order after making you wait ONE AND A HALF BL*DDY HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Satch

    Pizza Rage
  8. Satch

    Anger over fireman's 'pizza trip'

    Long time ago I lived in Maroubra. Glad to see it has not changed much! "Sydney firemen were reportedly unable to answer a call-out because their fire engine was being used by a firefighter to collect a pizza. "Apparently he decided to take the pump to a pizza shop for a bite to eat," an...
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