1. F

    Best place to get one of these.. Nearside rear sill cover thingy. They are stick on, though this one maybe beyond saving. Also, a part number if anyone could help would be great. Thanks
  2. K

    Genuine Merc Centre Caps for 18" AMG 3 alloys... Best place?

    Hello ladies and genitals... My car is being detailed (including a new coating on the calipers) so might as well do a couple of minor things whilst there... As title suggests and hoping to call on the experience of people who bought them before, where is the best place where I can get...
  3. R

    Best place for quality car mats

    I'm looking to buy some for my E Class coupe but I'm not prepared to pay £113 for a set of genuine Mercedes ones. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  4. A

    Best place to by body panels c220 w204

    Best place to buy body panels c220 w204 Hi guys Where's the best place to buy new genuine or good copy Front Wing for a c220 coupe w204 2012 & does anyone know if the xenon headlight lenses can be replaced without changing complete unit ? Thanks
  5. A

    Good place for air con regas?

    I've looked at some reviews and alot of people complaining that these companies like ATS/Kwik Fit/Halfords tend to cause leaks for air con. I need to have my air con re-gassed anyone recommend where from and costs?
  6. X

    best place to source new AMG brake discs

    Hi guys, Where would be the best place to source new brake discs and pads for my CLS63 AMG? Thanks a lot Dom
  7. M.A.94

    Best place to get tyres

    As the title says does anyone have some good value for money tyre suppliers, my tyre size is: 235/40/18 front 265/35/18 rear Last time round I got my P zeros from black circles and I was very happy with the tyres, they are a little bit on the noisy side however as far as handling, fuel...
  8. B

    Carbon parts?... best place for good fitment?.

    I'm after the usual lol Rear diffuser Lip spoiler Boot lid And seat backs Poss 9 piece interior Thanks
  9. B

    Carbon parts?... best place for good fitment?.

    Where about can I buy the best fitment cf parts for c63,thanks
  10. gr1nch

    Old Mercs in one (Belgian) place.

    Some interesting old Mercs to view at this specialised seller. Other marques too. Looks pretty cool, may pay it a visit. - Cars for sale Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  11. G

    Glasses Holder in place of a Roof Grab Handle - W240 Grey

    Bought myself a glasses holder, that installs in place of a driver's grab handle. Unfortunately, the mounting clips are different for the W204 and W169: So it is now for sale. New, grey, with nice soft rubber lining. Might fit other models, but is for W204. This is an aftermarket...
  12. demetrios

    Where is the best place for valuation

    Hi all. Well it's nearly time for my insurance renewal and I was thinking about the cars value. I paid £5000 for my R129 500sl in the two tone white and was wondering if it has appreciated since. It will be 25 yrs old this year and has 104000km. Anyone know best place to get a good valuation...
  13. Hectors Dad

    Best place to buy an EPC?

    Hi All, Finding you guys to be an invaluable source for answers but don't want to use up all my goodwill so can anyone suggest the best place to purchase an EPC / Workshop Manual for my E Class W212? I can of course eBay it but as you know it's a bit of a minefield and I would rather have a...
  14. D

    S124 all over the place

    I have recently bought a smart 1990 300TD with non sport line suspension (predictably). It wanders like a bitch, it is bordering on dangerous, so I've stopped driving it. The springs all seem new (at a glance - shiny and black) and underneath is generally tidy. The car sits higher on...
  15. M.A.94

    Best place to buy servicing gear

    So my w210 is due a service very soon and I was just wondering where is the best place to get quality filters etc from for decent prices. Does anyone have a discount code for euro car parts or alternative :D, also I was just browsing the forum the other day and came across a post where one of...
  16. A

    Best place for genuine Merc alloys

    I have an ml63 W166. MERCEDES WANT £850+ vat for a new wheel. Sod that, I don't mind second hand! Anyone know of a website/person/company? Thanks Andy
  17. Conquistador

    Recommend a nice place to eat in Chinatown?

    Looking to organise somewhere nice for a family meal in Chinatown. Can anyone recommend a nice place to eat there?
  18. Charles Morgan

    Know your place

    A friend recently sent me his entire collection of Mercedes and Citroen car brochures from when he was a boy, including a very rare SM one and this W114/5 brochure. Just don't expect too many options if you are too poor to afford the bigger engined ones.
  19. J

    Cheapest place for Ml W163 320 exhaust system

    Hi guys, the exhaust system on my ml w163 320 is now past its best. Wheres cheapest place for a replacement? Mercedes will no doubt be crazy money, and im waiting on a quote for a stainless system was just seeing if anybody knew a another option? Thanks James
  20. E

    Long journey tomorrow. Place your bets.

    I am going to take a drive from Bournemouth to Balloch to see my folks this weekend. It's circa 480 miles and I did it in the pre-facelift C63 a couple of years back. The result was 34mpg average at 70mph and I did it on one complete tank........ just! That car was mapped (V4 about 520) and was...
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