1. M

    W115 car Ariel placement

    Maybe im being stupid but ever since I've had my w115 (restoring it ) I can't see where the Ariel goes for the radio ! It's been on the drivers floor for ages and I don't have a clue where to mount it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! I'm learning as I go :) I also have a small...
  2. uumode

    Mercedes E class showcase / placement on Amazon UK

    I guess it's similar to advertising on those big oversized billboards on the main entry routes into London Product placement in a high traffic area, only in this case it's Amazon.
  3. Steve Gaskin

    Mercedes badge placement

    Where do you prefer your badge? Standing proud on your bonnet or big and imposing in the grille? Personally I like it on my bonnet, love looking at when driving (not all the time obviously. H&S first!)
  4. effbee584

    CLA (and others) Heater control placement

    As you can see, the heater controls are recessed and sit on a vertical panel, not ideal to reach for and adjust. A design that's standard on many current MB's It would be more ergonomic to have them on an inclined panel, facing towards the driver, although the small cubby hole would be lost...
  5. WLeg

    Die Hard MB Product placement

    Unfortunately, I recently saw the most recent Die Hard movie......A wasted 2 hrs or so of my life. At least it was a good advertisement for the various MB's .....Unimog, G55 (or G63 ?), vans, you name it, it got demolished...... I didn't know a G-wagon could crush a Porsche......
  6. S

    W169 NGT2.5 Retrofit - Microphone Loom placement

    Hi there, I am in the process of retrofitting a 6 Disc NGT2.5 with SD into my 2008 A Class (W169). I had previously installed a Dynavin DYN-MBA but I really wanted the oem phone and Navigation so I bit the bullet and purchased a unit from I knew that I also need some...
  7. timskemp

    Transformers 3 - Product placement

    So, wasted £9.50 yesterday to waste 2.5 hrs watching the longest Lenovo advert ever. Interspersed with adverts for Ferrari, GM and Mercedes Benz, in fact there was almost a complete Mercedes SLS ad in there, with pricing and tech specs. You'd think that at nearly a tenner a ticket they could...
  8. proser

    The A-Team Product Placement

    Went to see the new A-Team film last night and MB were very well represented :thumb: First one I really noticed was a CLS 63 AMG :rock:
  9. franey

    Work Placement Required Sheffield / Rotherham area?

    I am looking for a work placement in a garage / car repair centre for a young female who is interested in cars and has studied at college in that subject. She is 19 yrs of age and resides in the Sheffield area however can travel a reasonable distance. You will not be required to pay the person...
  10. AnilS

    School placement appeal - urgent help needed

    Found out a couple of weeks ago that my son (13) will be going to his second choice school, which is his actual catchment school. So no real surprise. His first choice is a further mile away and he is currently in his last term at Middle school. This school actually is one of the feeder schools...
  11. drussellwilks

    Amplifier Placement in W124 Estate

    I had a quick look in the threads but could not find anything regarding good places to fit a 4/6ch amplifier in a W124 Estate. I was hoping to use one to power a set of front and rear speakers, and possibly a sub too. Is there anywhere convenient behind the dash that can be used. I wanted to try...
  12. M

    DVD player placement

    Currently dvd player is under the front passenger seat and feeds twin head rest screens I would ideally like to move it somewhere more readily accesable Where would people suggest it is fitted Car is a W163 Player is circa 23cm unless I modify it, it wont go in glovebox...
  13. I

    Origin B2 placement in a 129

    Has anyone got a B2 in their 129? I ask because I have one placed below the steering wheel on the left and I want to fit one to the other car somewhere where I can see it better. Any ideas? Thanks folks
  14. S

    Placement of Underdash GPS antenna

    Hi Everyone I have just installed a comand 2.0 into my Ml and the nav system is fluctuating wildly on how many sattellites it picks up. Seems to go from 0 to 7 but mostly stays between 0 to 3 which is not ideal. I used a generic under dash antenna and stuck it on the underside of the dash, just...
  15. D

    suggestions on placement of amp (W208)

    hi there just bought a audison srx4 amp and basically trying to figure out the best way to place the amp at the rear boot without taking up too much space....anyone could suggest the ideal placement? wat abt the kick panel at the front of the passenger door? thanks :zoom: dennis
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