1. A

    Mercedes service plan

    My local mercedes dealer have offered me a service plan £35 x 24 months works out to £840 for 2 years/2 services. This will includes Service a and B - transmission service - brake fluid service - All filters Just trying to figure out if it would be worth it? Or better to go to an...
  2. S

    Warranty and Service Plan - Am I mad or sensible?

    All I have a 2009 C63 which has a warranty and service pack - I pay about £200pcm - £2400 per annum. Would I be better off just throwing this in a slush fund? I am concerned that a warranty offers peace of mind - a few friends have, in the last year, had eye watering bills due to engine...
  3. M

    Merc E class (W213) Service Plan cost.?

    I got 3 year service plan quote from Merc - £37 per month for 3 years for 3 services!! What is Merc E class Full service cost from Main dealer..??
  4. MD5

    Car Care Plan warranty

    I'm considering buying a car that has a 6 month Car Care Plan "B" warranty on it. Does anyone have any experience of them please?
  5. MSG2004

    Service plan discounts

    Hello Made a couple of mistakes 1 - Not ask for a service plan discount when i bought my brand new gle in April 2 - The so-called Balck Friday sales i noted a 150 discount, decided against it Are there any new offers out there, or did you manage to get one after buying your new car...
  6. G

    FOR SALE: Albion CLOUD Backup + Share 3yr plan

    I have an unwanted, unopened (obviously) Albion iStore CLOUD Backup + Share pack, prepaid for 3yrs (happy to provide a copy of the original invoice). The backup is unlimited, and includes 500GB "Sharing Briefcase", accessible from all your computers. More info here: Albion Cloud...
  7. nick mercedes

    big brother or sensible plan?

    What you've written or thought impacts how much large companies will charge you: "Be careful what you post! Car insurer will start checking your Facebook account before it sets your premiums" Admiral car insurer to start checking your Facebook account before it sets your premiums | Daily...
  8. S

    C43 Service Plan

    Hi guys, I've been offered a service plan with the new arrival and wondered if any of you have one with MB or not? Basically £35-40 per month for your annual service, gives you 10% off parts and free courtesy car. No real saving I know but spreads the cost and I'd imagine the costs are similar...
  9. K

    Service Care Plan on E220 D W213

    Hi, I'm due to pickup my new car (5 month old ex-demo) tomorrow from the stealers and I'm in the predicament as to whether or not to take the Service Care plan offered by the main dealer. I'm getting the car on a 4 year PCP deal, although I'll probably look at changing in 3 and I'm...
  10. Y

    Mercedes care plan

    I need advice on the care plan. I just bought an approved used 14 reg c220 cdi and wanted to get the £35/month service care plan but I was told by the dealer that I would have to pay £52/month due to the fact that I bought the car in September which is 6 months after the annual start date of the...
  11. The _Don

    Mercedes benz service plan value ( Amg )

    This may help folks answer some questions about the Mb service plan - I took out a three year service plan for my c63 after the first A service so the plan covered the following services B A B, the cost was £1620 which equates to £540 per service. The second B service...
  12. abar121

    C63 B service quotes / Service plan

    Hi Chaps, The four year B service is due now. I've got identical quotes of £780 at several Mercedes dealers down south. Has anyone recently done any better? The service plan doesn't really save a great deal, at least without a discount code. Cheers.
  13. ioweddie

    Medicare Plan G

    Medicare Plan G If you are an older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and need Long-Term Care, but the government says there is no Nursing Home Care available for you. What do you do? You opt for Medicare Plan G. The plan gives anyone 70 or older a gun (Part G) and one...
  14. E

    Service Plan for E Class from Main Dealer?

    As my username suggests, Im very much a newbie in the world of Mercedes, and even having a brand new car. My E220 Mercedes is a '15' plate, so a month or so away from its 1 year anniversary. The Service A due indicator has now come up, so debating whether I am better off taking to a dealer...
  15. MercedesDriver

    I have a cunning plan
  16. M

    Independent Garage or Service plan?

    Hi There everyone, I'm new to this forum and MB ownership. I have just bought a late 2010 C63 AMG, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the following garages? Colin Ferns ? Independent Mercedes Benz Specialists TM Motors Mercedes specialist service & repair - Surrey...
  17. M

    W212 service Intervals and service plan

    Hi, I'm new to Mercedes cars...I always had BMW. So please be gentle..:thumb: My car is on 2 year lease. I have few question in regards to services. 1. What are the service intervals? From your experience how many A & B services will I have, I will be doing approx 16,000mls...
  18. motodrb

    Service Care Plan voucher code.

    When checking SCP costs noticed a question; do you have a voucher code? Where do I get one? :rolleyes:
  19. D

    Service Measure Updates without a warranty plan or buying a service?

    Hi all, is it possible to get official service measure updates applied if you don't have a warranty plan and aren't using main dealer for servicing? I have a W221 which according to the book has been serviced at indys since 2011. I'm aware that there are several software updates to radar...
  20. T

    Service Plan

    Had a poke around but can't find anything but do MB ever do discount or offers on the Service Plans that anyone is aware of, outside the 'buy a car on finance and we give you a service plan' offers as I've already ordered the GLC. Equally can the price vary between dealers for the MB plan (as...
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