1. bob6600

    Is it a bird...Is it a plane....

    ...well WTF is it?? A one-off Mercedes S600 Royale xpDPwGgpHds
  2. ringway

    Jumbo: The Plane that Changed the World.

    Documentary about the development of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet, a billion-dollar gamble that pushed 1960s technology to the limits and revolutionised mass air travel. LINK. BBC iPlayer - Jumbo: The Plane that Changed the World
  3. N

    Drone strikes plane landing at LHR.

    Just a matter of time before one of these huge planes ploughs a deadly furrow through London. Drone strikes British Airways flight landing at Heathrow Airport | Europe | News | The Independent
  4. BlackC55

    Please sponsor me and my girlfriend. I'm jumping out of a plane for an MS charity
  5. Venomous

    Scratched COMAND front fascia plane

    Got my car home, and was so caught up in checking the outside - missed a deep scratch across the COMAND unit. Is this addressable, or can you get new fascia plates? Thanks Brian
  6. markjay

    Total CEO killed in Moscow plane crash
  7. horgantrevor

    In norway stuck on plane friday 13th

    In Norway stuck on plane Friday the 13th Amsterdam is busy they say What to do mmmmmm
  8. st13phil

    The Plane That Saved Britain

    I know there are a few aviation enthusiasts here so thought it worth mentioning that Channel 4 are re-running the program about the De Havilland Mosquito that was first shown last night on the 47 network tonight at 8pm. As well as the history element it includes some good contemporary colour...
  9. swannymere

    One for the Plane buffs.

    Strangely fascinating website depicting all the aircraft in flight at any one time, copied from QI on Twitter.
  10. englishdas

    plane crash

    Channel 4 _ About to crash an airliner into Mexican desert... Should be interesting.
  11. Godot

    Radio Controlled Plane Flying In Iceland

    zTEHQRFc_bI Not a great deal else to do, I suppose. Unless anyone knows better ?
  12. Spinal

    Jumping out of a Plane...

    There is the mile-high club… and then there’s the club of those few that have managed to make more take-offs in an aircraft than landings… The premise is simple, you start with a perfectly good aircraft, without any known faults. You reach an altitude of several thousand meters/feet; open the...
  13. grober

    Paper Plane in Space

    3 Brits have sent a paper plane into "space" [well almost] and sent back pictures to prove it. Richard Branson eat your heart out. :p British team send paper plane to the edge of space before it flies back to Earth | Mail Online
  14. ringway

    Flying to Inverness. What tools can I take on the plane?

    Hello members, I'm most likely flying from Manchester to Inverness on 11th or 12th October. I'll be visiting Cradlehall Business Park and I'll be there just for the day (I hope). I need to take some tools with me which will consist of: 2no 10.8v Battery Operated Cordless Drills 1no Tin...
  15. blondebier

    The Boneyard: world's 'biggest' plane cemetery up close

    I've just seen this on the BBC : BBC News - The Boneyard: world's 'biggest' plane cemetery up close "Spread across the huge 2,600 acre site, equivalent in size to 1,430 football pitches, is a collection of over 4,000 retired aircraft including nearly every plane the US armed forces have flown...
  16. BTB 500

    My new r/c plane

    For various reasons (moving house twice, getting married, baby, etc. :D) I've not built a new r/c plane for over 3 years. Test flew this one last night on a small patch of grass next to my back garden! It's a 'profile scale' Yak 54 designed for indoor 3D aerobatics (where most of the...
  17. BTB 500

    Just flown an r/c plane in my living room

    Well after 33 years of flying r/c, what would have been science fiction only a few years ago just came true - I've been flying a plane in my living room (which is a very average size ... we don't live in a barn conversion or anything!). Take off from the floor or sofa, cruise around, and land...
  18. M

    Hole in Qantas Plane Forces Emergency Landing

    I don't think I would be as calm as these passengers here but may be the one ordering a very large malt from the cabin crew... Looks like the outer skin has come off just where the fuselage and wing join together.
  19. Z

    Good plane pictures

    I sometimes pop onto to look at the latest and greatest of those things that manage to take lots of families thousands of miles in very short order for their hols. I am still amazed how they can get off the ground, physics in action. I digress though, here are a couple of photo's...
  20. Flyer

    How far can you throw a paper plane? Best: 38.338m :cool: Global Rank: 53452 :crazy:
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