1. developer

    Euro Car Parts - I'm Not Long Enough On The Planet

    to waste any more time at your counter :devil:. Three times recently I have been to ECP for bulbs, screenwash etc. On each occasion I have stood around and waited for the single counter person to deal with people in front of me, whilst behind the glass, 4 or 5 other staff are manning headsets...
  2. grober

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

    Getting excellent reviews. And---- its got Keri Russell of "The Americans" in it. :thumb: [YOUTUBE HD]3sHMCRaS3ao[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. D

    Are estate agents of this planet?

    I've moved out of commercial vehicles and into property development, and I am dealing more and more with a very strange alien otherwise known as an estate agent. I know of no other business that negotiates in this way, here is an example of the games I have to play (House price is £85k and...
  4. Stratman

    Superb timelapse of Planet Earth

    Earth from the International Space Station :thumb:
  5. Red C220

    Frozen Planet

    After last weeks excellent episode I was looking forward to another good show this evening. It was outstanding, again. It's shows of this ilk, generally anything to do with David Attenborough, that justify the licence fee in their own right. It will be a sad day when Sir David hangs up his...
  6. R

    Car Planet racing Warrinton closes

    I know a few of you, have used this company, myself included, authorised Kleemann installers amonst many other things, they rolled out of one scandal a few years back to form CPR, seem to have recovered, only to what appears too be sold down the river by the directors, again, heres a link to one...
  7. gaz_l

    Saving the planet..

    Greetings, Citizens. Mrs. Gaz was looking for something a little quicker than her 18 year old Panda (not difficult) so we have just purchased this.. It's quite fun in a small bouncy kind of way, it does need to be ragged to get it to go anywhere, but with a 6 speed close ratio box it...
  8. Palmball

    This seller is on another planet

    Now, I love the C63 and rate it very highly. I also think that my previous C63 was one of the better ones in existence ;)....even, dare I whisper it, compared to a DR520. However, I never once thought of my car as something worth in excess of £70k (the top price for a new DR520) is still...
  9. R

    Car Planet racing, anyone used them

    Has anyone use Carplanet racing for any engine upgrades, primarily my intrest is in the 55K engine. I would be intrested to hear any experiences, good or bad.
  10. P

    Planet Oil 5w40 - heard of it?

    My recent service included fully synthetic 'Planet' 5w40. It says on the back its made by comma. It meets A3 B3 SL Cf but does not say 239.3 (or whatever that code is) is this still OK?? Cheers.
  11. J

    PS3 Friend list - Little Big Planet

    not played the ps3 much this year and keep going back to Little Big Planet. Realised that there is loads to unlock on LBP if you go online with friends so wondered if anyone out there is interested in sharing their friend names for a blast over xmas :D mine is johny5_uk Happy Christmas All!
  12. B

    Earth fault, not the planet, can anyone help

    First it was the front offside light comming on when I brake, (no change) now when I have any external lights on the cruise wont engage. Have checked for water ingress and bulb failure but everything seems OK. As per my previouse thread people sugested wiring but I dont know what else to check...
  13. Satch

    The Planet is saved!

    "Families in Richmond are being asked to swap their 4x4s for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport:" Being a 4x4 driving Surrey Lady, I suggested to Mrs S. that...
  14. carnut

    Life on Mars ..or another planet?

    Please can I go back to my time?!!! PLEASE!!! I Really " Cant Believe it!":crazy: (Apologies to Glojo's Avitar)
  15. grober

    Planet Mercury Flyby Today.

    "AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT" from my last post about mercury in long life bulbs. :o About 2 hours ago the space probe Messenger passed within 124 miles of the planets surface.:bannana: It's due due to beam back the closest pictures and scientific scans of the surface of Mercury...
  16. grober

    The Risks Of Saving The Planet

    Thought I would post this for members of the forum who have small children in particular [ anecdotal evidence suggests they have been known to crawl about on the floor]. I have used extracts from this BBC article which can be seen here the remarks in[--]...
  17. grober

    Planet weather warning!

    Yours for £1300! Expect them to rain down on the planet soon.:eek: 600cc engine I believe-wonder what its carbon footprint will be? they predict demand to be about 1 million of them a year Soon they may be able to call it a Jaguar!:rolleyes...
  18. Dieter

    What planet are they on?

    Hi, An article in this weeks Auto Express says that (some) MP's want to 'slash' speed limits and that the most cost effective way of doing this is by changing 'mph' to 'kph'. Under this (crackpot) scheme M-way speed limit would be reduced to 43 mph (=70 kph) :eek: and suburban speed limit...
  19. v_man

    Clarkson, threat to the planet

    Absolutely stupid comments by Ken Livingstone against Jeremy Clarkson. Read and enjoy:,,22749-2079719,00.html
  20. jukie

    Planet Rock

    Anyone listen to it? Every so often they play a belting instrumental track. Lasts about 6 or 7 minutes and it's basically a guitar solo with full backing accompaniment. I last heard it on Saturday evening about 10 to 8. Trouble is they never say what it's called or who it's by. It's doing...
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