1. merc85

    w211 Engine bay Plastic cover's ?

    Does anyone know the correct part number for these covers? Were they ever avalible in the uk for the Pre facelift cars? Just thinking abit of weather protection cant be a bad thing not the my car really gets wet lol. Will the 2006> facelift covers fit if not?
  2. G

    W204 2012/15 coupe rear bumper with or without the plastic rear defuser

    As per title says. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. swannymere

    (S)W124 estate rigid plastic boot liner.

    In OK condition with a repair and a little damage but will still do a job of protecting your carpet. Free to a good home, no post just collection from SO32 2QZ near Winchester.
  4. B

    Moulded plastic mats, S Class 320cdi

    Hello all, anyone know the best place to purchase the hard moulded shaped plastic mats for the foot wells. I have a W220 320i cdi 2004. Thanks' Bill.
  5. Sonny Burnett

    W208 exterior plastic clips Help

    Hi guys Finally had the wings changed for euro car parts ones which actually fit almost perfectly. My old wings and trims plastic clips where completely ruined and I need help sourcing replacements, images attached to show what it is exactly I'm after. Any help greatly appreciated. Sent...
  6. R

    Rectangular plastic doodad

    Folks, I was having a root around in my W213 centre console when I found, right at the back, a black plastic rectangular cap of some sort. It has raised bumps on it which denote places to handle but I have no idea what it fits over. Any ideas? It's about 3"x1.5" and about 1/4" wide with a...
  7. J

    Far from luxury-class sun visor plastic

    Seems to me the plastic used for sun visor is of real low-rent quality. It is hard and feels rubbish. Not what I'd expected from the C63, but guess this is the lower-end model range (albeit the higher-end car in that range). WDYT - cheap tough plastic? Any neat alternatives available for the...
  8. A

    Scratches interior plastic

    The plastic backing on my front seats have become scratched from shoes and the likes. Some of the scratches are quite deep and have a bit of lip to them. Was thinking of sanding the proud lip off and wrapping the backing. Looking at a carbon effect? But feel a fabric backing would stand up to...
  9. F

    plastic cover for jacking point

    any idea where I can get a replacement part...cheers
  10. AndrewOl

    W164 Interior Plastic Cover

    Hi, Just picked up a 2006 ML and found a plastic cover in the boot and was wondering if anyone knew where it was for. Part number 1646842918. Google gives up an exploded view but it is not so clear to me. Guessing something to do with battery but any help would be appreciated. Thanks Andy
  11. brucemillar

    W124 drivers seat base plastic trim.

    In mushroom but would accept any light colour. This is the panel that locates behind the base height knob and adjustment handle on the door side (UK car) Flimsy plastic it should just pull off. I have manual seats - not sure if this affects that panel. Thank you for looking. Bruce...
  12. Gbrowncls55

    plastic cover on near side wiper

    Anybody got advice on what to do about the large plastic cover at the base of the nearside wiper going a pale grey/blue colour. Both my cls and my sl have gone that way. back to black doesnt work but just wondered if there was a magic cure before I try to paint it/them.
  13. N

    SLK55 seat trim plastic

    Guys I noticed the black plastic trim on the bottom of my drivers seat (below the right hand side seat bolster) had snapped at the back. The piece that has the lumber adjuster switch on the front of it. Has anybody else had this happen and do you think it would be replaced under warranty as car...
  14. GillyC63

    Plastic Nut type things

    Hi all While cleaning out the estate today I noticed 2 plastic nut type things attached to the rear interior wheel arches. One is almost flush but the drivers side one is sticking up a lot more. Does anybody know what they are/affix too? Car is a W204 estate. Many thanks in advance of anyone...
  15. B

    W211 mirror inside plastic cover

    I was replacing the LED strip on my RH mirror today and I broke one of the pins on the inside plastic cover thingy. This is how it looks: The WIS for removing/installing the outside mirror cover says that this part is damaged during removal of the cover and should be replaced so there...
  16. W124newbie

    W124 footwell plastic trim name/part number?

    Hi guys, Just noticed over the weekend that the plastic trim that sits in the passenger footwell under the glovebox is missing. No idea when or why. The last work that was done on this car was when the radiator and brake discs/pads were replaced - would any of those jobs require taking this...
  17. A

    Plastic fivers what's next?

    Got one of the plastic notes today and I'm not keen at all, it really does feel like toy cash :crazy: 10s and 20s will be next, and I've also read they might get rid of the penny. Cheers Ben :thumb:
  18. D

    R230 SL - Replacing Plastic Seat Trim

    Has anyone any experience of removing and replacing the plastic trim piece, driver's side, beside seat belt, where seat back meets seat swab? The one on this car I've viewed is broken. How easy or otherwise is it to replace?
  19. G

    Glove box plastic scratches

    How best to repair scratches to the plastics interior? Any good recommended magic sprays? Lol
  20. N

    The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster - same on which models?

    Hi, The black/chrome plastic vent adjuster (top part of two parts) on one of my front vents on my W164 ML320 CDI 2007 has gone missing. There are two parts that click together to form the adjuster - had to glue the other side to stop it coming apart. Seem the vents are quite expensive &...
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