1. karozza

    Platinum 20

    Has anyone actually used the above product?
  2. Ronan1982

    Platinum Motors - Paint Work

    Hi Guys, I own a 63 Reg C220I Coupe Amg Sport Plus. Colour Palladium Silver. I am looking to get the Rear Bumper (Slight Mark) And the Boot Lid (due to a tiny Ding) and also the Bonnet and Front Bumper due to stone Chips over time. Might get the door sills blown over also due to light marks...
  3. RSS

    W211 New Platinum Discs and Pads fitted

    My 2004 W211 was needing new discs, they had been noted in the MOT last year as getting low but they said wait and have them changed with the pads. Well nearly a year later and no pad warning light on I decided they were low enough and I'd replace them. Read through a few threads here but...
  4. dog68

    Turtle wax Platinum series,precision.

    Tried this today, really works well, easy to use too, it has carnauba in it. excellent stuff.
  5. 6pot

    Designo Magno Platinum matt

    Ive just seen an e class coupe with this paint and i think it looks truely great, i know its going to confuse alot of people because it feels and look like satin. I really like it. :rock:
  6. C

    PIAA Platinum White or Extreme White???

    I want my sidelights to match my Xenons, but some people have said the Platinum white are not much difference and that the Extreme White are blue. What would you say is best ? Thanks Guys
  7. R129mine

    Reduced Service and Maintenance costs with the Platinum Club.

    hi my car is due for a MOT and a service at the end of this month and just now i received an email from MB about the platinum club and it says 40% towards maintenance costs. Complimentary MOT Test with every service. Complimentary health/safety check. apart from the marketing talk...
  8. D

    Retrieve the platinum from catalyst and spark plugs

    As stated on the BBC Breakfast news this morning about stolen catalysts. Each catalyst contains a gram of platinum. How do you retrieve the platinum from catalysts and spark plugs?:D Didn't I read in another thread someone drilled all the honey-comb stuff from the catalyst and dump it in the bin?
  9. Brian WH

    Platinum White PIAA Side Lights

    Went to modify my new CLS today with the "Platinum White PIAA Side Lights" from my last E Class. However found that the CLS comes with "Platinum White PIAA Side Lights" as "Standard"???;) Anyone elses new car have these fitted as standard??:confused: Easily recognised they are Blue.
  10. A

    Platinum Mercedes Keyring for £7.5k

    :eek: Not quite ebay, came across this MB Platinum keyring on an MB accessories site. Cost? £7,500 yes £7.5k! If you're feeling flush the part no is: B66060126
  11. sym

    PIAA Platinum White Side-Lights on W202

    OK - Pictures as promised . . . taken in a variety in different lights ... (remember - these are just with the side-lights on - no dipped beam !) 2 x New PIAA lights fitted at dusk 1 x PIAA, 1 x Original - spot the difference 1 x PIAA, 1 x Original - a bit darker 2 x...
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