1. G

    How can I get Android play to work

    I have a 2017 E class , Apple play works by just 'plugging' iPhone into USB socket, but my Samsung when connect same way has no functionality Please can anyone help / advise Thanks
  2. P

    Apple Car play on new E Class

    This is my first post so I hope I'm not breaking any rules. I am considering the new E Class estate. The I had a quick look around the entertainment system, it appears that when you have an iPhone paired using CarPlay, it then does not allow you to use the car's navigation systems. I was only...
  3. M

    Ne E class W213 - Not able to Play Youtube

    Hi All, Using car internet, did anyone managed to open browse and play youtube in the car..?? I managed to load Youtube but unable to play Youtube.thanks.
  4. G

    W169 Armrest - slight play - remedies?

    The W169 armrest is not a pinnacle of Mercedes engineering, I am sorry to say: It has almost zero functionality, particularly for a RHD car (as Mercedes didn't bother to reverse the layout); doesn't open, so no useable storage underneath; moves forward 2½" to reveal a tiny 1" x 3" cub, and...
  5. thebig1

    Steering Free Play???

    Hi All, Please can you look at the videos and tell me if your C63s Sallon is the same? There seems to be a loose feel / free play of about 10 - 20 degrees where the steering wheel feels 'Loose' like not connected with the steering, like worn bushes. You can see in the videos when driving...
  6. Rosso1

    So what PS4 games do you play?

    So seeing a few thread on here about PS4 I thought i find out what games people like to play when they are not out there cleaning their pride and Joy. My main game has been Destiny Although I also like Uncharted 4 So your turn what do you like?
  7. R

    Whats the play in the steering wheel?

    Hi All I have about 30 degrees of play in the steering wheel when on lock. Is this normal - I am used to cars which have virtually none. Any advice appreciated. (I searched forum prior to post) Thanks Rich
  8. G

    Audio 20 Media Play Random Order

    Am I the only one having this problem? I have just taken delivery of my 10 months old C220D AMG Line. My previous C220 with COMAND allowed me to play media playlists in random order AND REMEMBERED THE RANDOM SETTING. My new car with Audio 20 plays in random order but resets itself every time I...
  9. Gollom

    Play MP3 files?

    SuzyCute has a R171 with standard Audio 20 (option 523) and a CD changer (option 819) What is the least expensive way for her to play MP3 files (CD or USB stick), preferably with details displayed on the Audio 20 screen Thanks
  10. A

    Apple Car Play

    Who has it and which car have you got?
  11. I

    45 amg rebellion tuning box PLUG AND PLAY.

    As seen here Not been used much. Offers.
  12. G

    COMAND NTSG2 play music via bluetooth

    Hi, all, I have a 2004 MB CLK 320 Cabriolet VIN No WDB2094652T036524, a VISEEO MB 4+ and an Apple iphone 6 plus. Is it possible to play music stored on the phone through the COMAND system via bluetooth and, if so, how? Many thanks in advance
  13. P

    Can my car radio play MP3?

    Hi there. I just bought a Mercedes CLK 270. This is my car radio: Does it only support Audio CD's? Meaning, am I stuck with those, or is there a way or a trick I can make this baby read MP3 or perhaps put DVD discs in it with audio tracks or similar? Thank you in advance!
  14. G

    W204 C63 Seat Play and Creaking

    Hey all, So my 2012 C63 has 18,000 on the clock. When I picked it up I noticed the seat had a lot of movement, I noticed it when accelerating from a standstill, and coming to a halt. The seat also creaked and squeaked when going round corners etc. The dealer had a look and said one of the...
  15. poormansporsche

    Fair play to the Police today ....

    As some of you may recall ive bashed the Police on a couple of threads due to one reason or the other. But today the first time in my life I had reason to call them. 3 Cars and a F.L.O where there within 5 minutes of my call. It was obviously a priority for them (A lost toddler walked into my...
  16. E

    Play in Hub Carrier Swivel Joint (S211)

    I have been getting a suspension 'clunk' for a while on the nearside. Jacked it up today and found play at the Hub Carrier swivel joint where it is bolted to the Spring Control Arm (lower wishbone). It looks to me as though the swivel is part of the Hub Carrier and to get a new swivel means a...
  17. sportedition

    For sale. Sonos Play 5 Black Brand New

    I have for sale a brand new Sonos Play 5 in black. Not sure what else I can say about it. If you need any more pics please PM me. I'm located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and would ideally prefer for it to be collected in person as I don't want to risk posting. Asking price is £330
  18. Reggie-rock

    CLK (A209) front wheel bearings play, advise please.

    My 2006 CLK 350 Convertible passed it's MOT with an advisory that there is some play in both front wheel bearings. I was wondering if anyone knows if these are adjustable or do they have to be renewed? Thanks.
  19. B

    Command and Google Play Music

    Hi all just pickup my new 65 Plate E Class having traded in my 63 plate C Class, and I have the following problem. On the C Class I could play music via my Bluetooth on my phone using the Google Play Music App and all the track info would come up on the cars display. On the E Class I can still...
  20. grober

    The Scottish Play

    The new film adaptation of Bill Shakespeare's Macbeth- the Old Vic it ain't. :rolleyes: [YOUTUBE HD]YqHhKuCQmoY[/YOUTUBE HD]
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