1. D

    C220 2014 media playback options

    First time poster, so please be gentle :p So have a C220 cdi (w204?) executive ce diesel estate and am exploring music playback options. What I have found so far, I can connect via bluetooth and play media, I can play CD's and I can play mp3 files from the usb connector in the armrest via a...
  2. S

    W220 - Comand 2.5 - mp3 playback on the cheap?

    Hi, I've been looking at the various options to play mp3's on my W220 2001 with Comand 2.5 and analogue TV tuner. I've never had chance to try the analogue tv tuner as the digital switchover had already happened when I bought the car, but I understand that the TV is disabled when the car is...
  3. F

    W211 "DVD Error" or No DVD playback after Command Firmware upgrade

    W211 E320 2004 I had software version 15/04 which played DVD on the HU dvd slot. DVD in motion was also playing BUT It was not playing MP3 disks. I could enter the Engineering Menu and MP3 setting was enabled. NOW I say a firmware upgrade on MB Official site and downloaded W211589132200...
  4. J

    W212 Coupe - Video Playback?

    Hi folks, I have a W212 Coupe with the Audio 20 headunit and the media interface. If I buy the media interface plus, can I playback video on the screen? Or would I need the comand system to do that? Thanks
  5. Palfrem

    Movie playback speed on PowerPoint

    I'm putting some training slides together and have embedded some movies in the slides. When I play them outside of PP in media player or Real, they work fine, when PP is in slide show and I mouse over the movie they run at about 3 times normal speed. Any ideas please? Many thanks
  6. ckember

    Pixelated DVD playback on command

    :crazy:I have an MY2007 E320 CDI with the NTG2 command fitted. it plays most DVD's fine, but when I play the new Sherlock Holmes DVD, the playback is sometimes pixelated throughout the movie. Avatar plays fine so I dont think it s the player. Also the Sherlock Holmes DVD plays fine on my home...
  7. O

    iPod and CD playback

    Hi folks I have recently bought a second hand W203 320 Estate MY55 with an MP3 interface socket in the glove compartment. I have got Comand and Harmon Kardon sound. That all seems to work fine and the iPod interfaces with the dash display etc. The problem is that I can't play CDs. There is no...
  8. T

    Stop MP3 Playback without switching off COMAND

    Guys I have a COMAND in my (dad's) 220E 04 plate Elegance. However I don't seem to be able to stop the MP3 (or Audio CD) playback without turning off the entire COMAND unit. Obviously when you power off COMAND this disables the phone, the NAV and everything else too which isn't ideal. In other...
  9. T

    COMAND...DVD maps and MP3 playback

    I'm new to this Forum but I'm impressed already and it's better than a couple of the other MB ones I've been reading. I have several questions that I'd appreciate some input on. I have searched and read several similar replies but like anything they begin to get confusing by the time you've...
  10. Tan

    O/T No colour on video playback

    Hi i am running Windows Media Play 9 and when playing back " Windows Media Audio/Video files" they dont play in colour? Any ideas? Regards Tan
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